All you see is the glow from the warming fire

                                     The cold night

                                    the bright moon

                                    your breath in the air


I often pull myself together in the YWCA pool, swimming laps… water therapy. I joined the Y initially to cure my fear of deep water. I can float and swim but for some reason when I try to tread water I sink to just above my nose. For months I dangled around in the deep end with a very large floaty. Then I discovered swim fins.

The thought of real people experiencing archetypal trauma, as well as real people working to alleviate their suffering, was not a driving force in my “job” as an Intuitive. I wish I could say it was. My simple life and personal experience was miles from any real comprehension of this larger reality. I kept going, working as an Intuitive because…well….let me ask you. What would you have done if, out of the blue, you were given this task?  This was my opportunity for empathy to mature into compassion….but how easy is this without being able to look into someone’s eyes?

The first step on the journey, I found… the hardest step, was solitary. I needed to pack for the trip, leaving behind all the things that were too heavy to carry. Only I could know what these things are.

Listening to the birds…they know how to sing.


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5 responses

    • Can we blame Nature for “hiding”, as we see it, when our inclination is to tell it what to do? Our paradigms blind us. Look how far back they go…
      Heraclitus may better have said…

      Nature smiles
      remaining Nature


  1. I am not sure I am bright enough to keep up with you, but I love your work. It is a deeply-hued jewel–so many facets, so mesmerizing, inspiring. At a level below words, I believe I understand–I know I appreciate. Thank you for the beauty, and the radiant intention. xo


  2. I want you to know how much you have given me today plowing through these early posts, Sirena. My gratitude is humongous, my friend. I so needed it. In this “many faceted” jewel that is life, everyone is filled with light. The ones that know their bodies seem to shine the brightest.


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