The position of gray


After so many years

it grays me to see

how often we enter into

an agreement of unkindness,

each day a choice of persuasion,

where shadows of unmet desires

play against the walls

of our routines

sung by the low hum

of tuneless notes.


no apologies

aching hearts


we are both waiting

to be





photo credit: <a href=””>striatic</a&gt; via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>cc</a&gt;


7 responses

  1. Just wanted to say how much I’ve been enjoying reading through your blog. Love the pared-back simplicity of the language (“it grays me to see” ) and the resonance of its music. Have been trying to do something similar with prose — and know it’s much harder than it seems! Thanks for the inspiration!


    • Thank you Aileen….as I age I’m finding my life is simplifying rapidly in things and such, carried for a long time. With this need to travel lightly, it is leaving words as spare but trustworthy companions.
      I’m new to WordPress but welcome! I look forward to more engagement :~)


    • Thank you for this kindness. It’s true. Seeing this experience encapsulated in so few words nearly upended me but there is a stronger desire to trust the heart knows when to till the soil.


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