opening wider

to encompass the memory of lost ones

vital in images but

~ gone ~

 left to take breath

from air thick with the litter

of indifference,

resist making flesh from synthesis

~ holding ~

 balance in the


5 responses

  1. “Balance in the narrowing” I like this line. Rich with with longing. I stumbled on the use of the word “litter”. Sorry. I’m not sure how to see this word. But I’m rather concrete in language use sometimes.


    • The poem came from pure emotion, my work and the bare bones of winter…spewed out. The words were just there and my finger hit the publish button. Felt good at the time and right even if it doesn’t make much sense.
      Now that you ask though…and I’m glad you have … I see “litter” literally…. and figuratively as ignorant indifference filling the air and when I wrote this, the air was weighted by this indifference… that people are given synthetic substances to eat instead of real food…that species are disappearing….
      Rather imagine you hula hooping on the beach… :~)


  2. I know…same here. Often times the words just come out. They ring of some complex origin, purer than thought, not yet realized because insight has so many layers of meaning. Thanks Geo Sans


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