Made captive by circumstance

in the garden of our sex

let there be a resurrection

of memory’s flesh held in stone,

the Earth herself embodying

the records of this undoing.


A longed for freedom

now pulses with a courage

transparent as a string of worn pearls

from the sea of this misguided betrayal


For we have always breathed as one

in any way our souls take breath

birthing a life

that blesses all


International Women’s Day


6 responses

    • Thank you GS…I’ve been thinking more about the world community as far as gender issues go, now that women in developing/other countries are speaking out. I applaud them… their courage, strength, grace and incredible beauty. We have a certain kind of leisure here to create ourselves as women….I’m questioning what I’ve done with it in a broader sense. Growth spurt I hope…


  1. ‘Poetry is only read by poets and that’s its sickness.’ ~Carol Rumens
    I really enjoy your vocation….I do hope you continue uploading intonations and movement to your poetry!


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