heavy blanketed

slogans of positivism

thrown off




© J.H.White

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    • As I was taught when a child, I was deeply affected thinking about the people in the Soviet Union living under propaganda’s grey mantle. I assumed they comprehended their lack of freedom, which I also assumed made it all the worse. Now having lived to maturity with the unending bright penny lure of comfort and the “insurance” of progress I also understand that a mature tree whose roots have been damaged can live on its substance for years, only gradually showing its slow but inevitable demise….
      Thanks, Gravity. Are we barking up the same tree?


      • I was struck by the visuals, first — the appearance of an awe-struck root-vegetable, freshly dug up to the light of day, the blanket perhaps the the very soil that nurtured…? (perhaps I’m being positivist… or pot-i-civist…)
        (woof, woof)


      • Propaganda comes in all shapes and sizes, depths and heights….
        My father was in the Korean war and dropped leaflets over the north. I have a collection of those leaflets…they’re on my flickr-stream but perhaps I will post them here as well. I have been thinking of writing about them. Propaganda from the other other side if you will…


        • Good idea about the leaflets…
          My father was in advertising…in “creative,” Mad Men era, but it nearly did him in. He’s a sweetheart who could draw. I grew up with “subliminal cuts” in my vocabulary and have always been interested in propaganda. I saw an article about American propaganda termed “positivism” used on home ground. Bingo…the one word brand.


    • Yes, true, Geo Sans. I heard of a Polish woman who had emigrated here and decided to return to Poland. When asked why, she said that we have too many choices available to us here. In Poland maybe just a few. People choose and get on with life. Here people wander around in confusion and are unhappy.


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