Hear me #2

youthful abstraction


scraped rust from my tongue

older than before I was born for nothin

score the initiations of death

my gaming sport

rough and blunt points

for taken the hoes down

I’m not even tired yet

just getting started

gimme gimme


To call out my anger. To give voice to all sides in this massive and long holding violence so I can see touch be whole at least in myself. I’m not asking for some peaceful distancing. Some mental balancing. Somewhere in there lies compassion…somewhere. I will find this flower

© J.H. White

6 responses

  1. It took me a couple of minutes to press “like,” heavy heart and grief from reading this powerful, wrenching piece stayed my hand. As did my fierce protest against abuse. My like is my wholehearted and passionate support of your work and my fervent hope for your voice and your finding the flower. Love


  2. I know and thank you, Sirena. I wondered about posting this but then seeing misogyny all over the news this morning was persuasive. My work is with archetypal trauma and the painting is just something that came to the surface unannounced and has helped me come closer to understanding the indifference inherent in violent behavior. It is such an emotional issue….

    And then I went to dance church! I belong to a dance collective and dance in community at least once a week. We dance to “embody” and balance ourselves in a spiritual, free and safe place. Very leveling for me. Since this is your spiritual practice/life’s art I’m “preaching to the choir ” here! Love to you too!


  3. Thank you Geo Sans for the encouragement. I seem to keep dancing around ways of addressing that deep spiritual indifference in our collective selves. I’m working towards a better way to approach it in myself than confrontation or anger…all the contrary responses which I admit are my first reflex.

    My voice just wants to take on a big wind and hurricane some acknowledgement into it…Wrong approach inside and out.

    Hey…I wonder if you can hurricane love? Thanks for working with me on this…xxoo


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