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it was easy giving up god-ness

once it was explained


first you told me

there are no chosen ones

if you understand

there is no end

there was no beginning

we all are equal

in this moment


which took me off the hook


then you said 

get over naming me

it can’t be done

 love is a verb

so just stop trying.

Be a verb



so I uncluttered my altar

but you say that prayer is still important

and I’m left wondering what this means


then the flowers and the bees

shared their intelligence

and told me it’s no secret that

the singularity

of the velocity and structure of light

is more

than I’ve ever

allowed imagining


sin·gu·lar·i·ty n
a point at which a complex function is undefined because it is neither differentiable nor single-valued while the function is defined in every neighborhood of the point.
Also called singular point

Picture: watermelon carving

4 responses

    • I’m really glad Peggy. Thank you. I had to trust it would come out right. The words just tumbled out all over the place and I pieced them together like a puzzle starting in the middle and working in all directions.


  1. Words of friendly endearment … thank you. So let’s play with this idea of us all being verbs. I bet very young children perceive their reality this way. The best children’s books lean in this direction come to think of it…


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