As day breaks

my rooted bits

entwining in holy sanctuaries, below

mirror my shadowed dancing, above


 in dreaming, I dream

 my shadows are empty light

waiting for day

grateful for the flesh of sun

the skin of shine

the eyes and ears of salty water



I cry,  I cry, 

I cry, cry, cry

I am a crow turned song bird

calling the infinite






photo credit: <a href=””>AlicePopkorn</a&gt; via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>cc</a&gt;

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  1. Thank you, Sirena. It’s surprising when some poems are full body experiences and the words just are there, wanting out to be said. Maybe this is what people call “the Muse”? I’m sure enjoying the dialogue. xxoo


  2. And so is the world embodied in the expressive journey of woman. Soulful words, soulful thoughts enwrapped in flesh, coursing with the blood of a very knowing heart.


  3. beside my daughter


    catching an afternoon nap


    the eyes shut momentarily

    colours pour

    shining fabric s ~ t ~ r ~ e~ t c hes//// !


    ! //// daddy

    let’s go outside



  4. This defines a master at her craft. As is the rule, you are burdened to populate your world with more; with a great abundance.


    • You had me going there, Ocean Passage…the anonymous ominous “voice from beyond”. Thanks for clarifying…
      We both know through our art that this life, and our(anyone’s) art, is a shared creative process…a resonance acknowledged. All we can do is show up…thus…no burden. I tell myself this daily if I fall into the old cliches so I tell myself this daily and …just show up. xxoo


  5. This is a fascinating poem, J.H. I know that the crow can be a bird of mystery, magic and possesses a profound intelligence. I am thinking of something I have read more than once about the crow as a voyager into the void. I read that voyage here.

    There is so much I like about this poem but I want to single out the verse: “In dreaming, I dream”

    I just love the way that that sounds and what it evokes and invokes.


    • I am so enjoying this kinship, Jeremy, in being immersed in Mystery’s resonant poetics together. It becomes more fluid in the day to day then. We have a “tribe” here on Word Press that sustains me. Thank you for the re blog, my friend !


      • It is my pleasure! I feel sustained by this little tribe too. It gives me hope and offers so much beauty for the mind, body and soul.

        I am very grateful. . . .


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