like smog shadows rifling valleys

the mountain holds its breath


Fragile like feverish water

the ocean aborts the moon’s children


Fragile like bees loosing direction

and stamens playing their last hands


Fragile like children born overwhelmed

by viruses perplexed


Fragile still

like a flower abandoned by the garden

in blooming makes no mistakes

intelligence in its unfolding


fragile flower~


18 responses

  1. Thank you Deborah…I was reminded of the intelligence of nature by a Zen poet and wanted to find a gentler voice about the state of our beleaguered planet that honored the gracefulness of the natural world.


  2. The poem is delicately balanced on the delicate concept of ‘fragile’. And right in the end, there is an exhibition of strength, without saying as much. It’s subtle and powerful. Love it!


    • Thank you MJ….I’m trying to learn the art of understatement as a container to hold hard truths. It’s a very broad learning curve, I’m afraid. Perhaps with insight from the Zen poet I succeeded a little better this time. The poet’s poem about the intelligence of nature is something I jotted down on a piece of paper a long time ago, without reference to where I found it. But I am grateful for the lesson.


  3. After allowing this lovely piece to marinate overnight and returning to it now, I realize what I couldn’t articulate upon first reading. Namely that each stunning image you paint of fragility, struck me first with each being’s sense of potency–the mountain, the bee, the ocean, the moon, the child, the flower’s bloom. What a beautiful tribute to nature’s wisdom (and sense of irony or humor?)–each natural wonder encapsulating prodigious power and possibility and simultaneously ultimate vulnerability. I appreciate your magic. Thank you. xo


    • You write like you dance…I think I need to come and take lessons on how to spring up from the floor and write a sentence that I don’t have to go back and rearrange all the words……and that’s it exactly….each being’s sense of potency and intelligence encapsulating power and possibility…Thank you!

      In my awareness of the moon…is the moon’s awareness of me…powerful !


      • Wow. I am truly moved, and heartened, by your kind words drifting gently down onto this hesitant, and so often highly edited, soul. Thank you for your potent artistry and magic. Xo


    • Once a high school friend said in passing that she loved watching the shadows of the clouds travel across the hills. I was thunderstruck by the clarity and poetry of this observation. In some way I think it changed my perception of reality. I feel after all these years I’ve finally been able to honor this subtle but intrinsic influence in my life.
      Thank you CW for your encouraging comment. It means a great deal. I admire your relationship to a language… I usually find incomprehensible.


  4. Do you know Rexroth’s books of translations from the Chinese and Japanese. This one if from “100 poems from the Japanese”

    I wish I were close
    To you as the wet skirt
    Of a salt girl to her body.
    I think of you always.

    — Akahito

    The poetry of the east is a huge influence on poets from the west (the west coast especially). Involves a whole new way of seeing / being.

    I like your poem.


  5. “Fragile like bees loosing direction
    and stamens playing their last hands…”
    our Mother Earth is in dangerous peril—Your poem brings it all to light! Great for you! Your writing is here to help us do something…before it is too late…


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