I don’t fear melting into this earth.

 Each morning

I wake into the air

I do not rise      I do not move

I do not open my eyes

until my nose has sensed persuasion

my tongue has tasted sweetness

and my ears have heard the world


I was a child with dreams of becoming

Now I am older with dreams of being



Nothing and everything is changing.

I am like a snake shedding its skin


biting its tail


erasing  the lines

of time


18 responses

    • This is really a lovely thought, Bonnie…that wisdom could actually be achieved… and thank you for even considering the possibility, but I have the feeling that wisdom is transitory. Unlike compassion, which I’ve come to believe is a state of being, I think wisdom is all effort….a continual weighing and balancing. Sigh….!

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  1. Ah, well…lovely expression of achieved experience…might better express how youthful dreams of becoming transform to mature dreams of being. Either way, Jana, your poetry invites me to weigh and balance my understanding. For that I am truly grateful.


  2. Once again your poem brings me to the great jung…his work on ouroboros is splendid and expansive. But I really enjoyed this piece. After all we are all living to die….


  3. I’m glad you found something here EDR.
    I’m not versed in Jung’s work, but the impression I have from the little I know of it, is that the symbol of the ouroboros signified a healing of opposites, of duality….a marriage of the unconscious and conscious forces within us.
    So we are all living to die to our separate selves in order to live?


  4. Erasing the lines of time. It can all be so mysterious. I rushed for Oroboros, for a moment thinking (like Hariod) that you had returned. The poem was tagged as “a great post worth seeing from j.h. white” in my email notification that you had liked Bullwinkle. Oh the wilderness we inhabit. Ouroboros. May 3, 2013. Nothing and everything changing. The poem is lovely. You remind me of one circling. Disappearing. Reappearing over the treeline.

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    • I like that Chris….thank you…I’ve been in great need of that aerial perspective to complete the project I’ve been working on. Perhaps this is why I’m “circling” around visiting friends here on WP. There’s an alchemy we share that is unmistakable. My head now is full of prose. Long threads that wind and circle….just as you described! Reading and commenting here though is opening poetry again for me. I’m ever grateful.

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    • Hmmm…good question. I’m usually considerate about giving credit when the art work isn’t mine. Guess I missed this one. It’s from a Google image search. WP insists on popping out this post from 2013 as an introduction. It’s been all around the world. Wish I could say the same! I didn’t start posting my own work until much later.


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