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  1. Lovely how sounds tremble in your words, sparks from your pen. There is a very natural sense of you–you in the midst of sights and sounds and storms and rivers flowing unimpeded. Which is as it should be.


    • Thank you George. When things are stirred up from the bottom, and top and bottom are turned upside which way, I’m so grateful to have this creative expression…


  2. What you are able to convey with such a judicious of words is a rare and wonderful talent, admired by this clunky old prose writer. “Treading water in the dark…” Awesomely and hauntingly beautiful! Good work.


  3. your poems always arouse wonder … they’re written deeply without losing their lightness of bearing. tony


    • I suppose so, Geo Sans…The task of knowing my self… and trusting.
      Thank you, as always, for your thoughtful commenting. It’s usually a twist, a spin, a different door.


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