Ground wire

wet ground~

I’ve begun to question

my needing you


the way

just the need

 fills me


If I give this strong current


to move me

in ways





through the wet ground of my being


am I becoming

a flower

in the jungle

of wild light?


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20 responses

    • And so, my friend on the frontier…
      it’s coming to
      allowing every physical sensation,
      and questioning the rote response….
      without needing an answer answer answer

      I’m definitively grateful
      for our virtual companionship
      across great seas….


      • It is a question that plagues people in different forms, in their own unique words and ways. Perhaps, the answer we all seek is elusive, or at best, available in small fragments of knowledge, truth… 🙂 Have a good week ahead!


  1. The need itself becomes overbearing, a voice that resonates more than hopefully, more than eagerly. It begins, in the expanding silence, to echo angrily in quite unrecognized places of the heart.


      • Your words are as ever well chosen and inspiring. Desire can be quite predatory. Taking in. Closing off. It is so very human. Yet in the opening, the expansiveness of love, there is a growing and a giving. A sharing. Thank you for your response. You’ve got me thinking this morning. As you always do.


    • We share a similar passion Chris, for this beautiful earth… in the rooted songs and flighted whispers. Another favorite, thank you! I needed to hear this language today. It’s so interesting how things come back around…


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