It is an artist’s alchemy
to sketch a sphere
with a line
flat on a page

We can all hear the same story
but each word is a bird
flying home

Every human heart is
blood and muscle

At any given moment
millions of hearts
beat the same


Art: Salvador Dali



7 responses

  1. your poems continually take me in with their deep, refined intelligence and artful, intimate deliberation. xo tony


    • I wonder Tony, that you must sense the entrainment of hearts beating, breaths breathing sometimes when you are playing?… with other musicians and/or in an attentive audience…
      Thank you Tony, your comments lend fuel to the fire.


    • Alchemy is a subtle skill
      having much to do with honesty
      and surrender

      an invitation
      to the hive of being

      the making of new myths
      new beginnings

      fertilizing the hungry ground

      For what ever reason
      our friendship
      is a raft
      skimming over the rough surface of culture
      and rescuing the treasure
      hidden in the cave
      of meaning

      Peace Geo
      love to you and yours


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