Counting cars



I’m just getting used to the old guys next door

They sit on the back porch

drinking and talking

I can’t decipher what they say

not understanding southern

but it’s not too different

than a murder of crows


across the street

two fire trucks

three cop cars

and the paramedics

blue and red strobe-alicious lightning these guys like to announce their presence

Should I move my car?

Alcoholic James gives diabetic Eddie


Someone calls 911

sister June lover of cats and brother Eddie

comes in and slugs room mate James the neglectful


and the cops stand bACK

a broken hand for June and Eddie’s on vacation for a night

James better hide behind that tree.


Bella and me

sitting on the stoop

eating homemade popsicles

strawberries, yogurt and SUGAR

(a little bit)

It’s a RED car day!

counting cars

a few silver ones sneak in

but the red cars have it that day



13 responses

    • I lost the artist’s name but couldn’t resist posting it anyways…picking up bad habits, I guess. For some weird reason I haven’t deciphered yet, my self portraits are usually of my animus. This was a fun piece for me. I love my neighborhood. Fiercely diverse…just how I like it.


    • You are too funny Annette….It wasn’t calculated. I spend concentrated time with a three year old. We count cars and guess which color is coming next. One day every car was white. Magic realism is real.


  1. so lovely. i hear the voice of places somewhere no one would think to romanticize…yet you have here, and so powerfully with lyrics and imagery. tony


  2. This, for me, is very Carveresque. I hope you don’t mind my saying so but Raymond Carver’s writing is very important to me. The short stories of course but I Iove his poetry and now also this.


    • Why thank you Mark… very thought provoking in a good way! This poem was more fun writing than most. Thank you for reminding me there are more ways to solve a large puzzle. It can become habitual taking the same turns to see what’s around the corner.

      I am thoroughly enjoying wandering around your blog finding small layered nuggets with the richest intensity of human flavor. Thank you for introducing me to Carver’s work. I can see why he’s important to you.


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