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  1. nice poetry, J…for some unknown reason, I am reminded of this statement made by the Poet Charles Bukowski when he was asked how he writes, creates: “You don’t, I told them. You don’t try. That’s very important: not to try, either for Cadillacs, creation or immortality. You wait, and if nothing happens, you wait some more. It’s like a bug high on the wall. You wait for it to come to you. When it gets close enough you reach out, slap out and kill it. Or if you like its looks you make a pet out of it.” wise advice and I need this.


  2. immaculately crafted, full of fresh metaphors and language, yet, at the same time, absolutely clear. i so admire your verse. tony


    • vestigial traditions reinforcing a cultural/religious archetype
      are like fashion
      newer generations are clothed in different cultural/religious colors, styles
      reinforcing same archetype woven into human fabric
      putting into question the naturalness of body/feminine/earth …
      separating and elevating mind/masculine/human

      even rugged mountains
      are humbled eventually by rain


    • Thank you for seeing this Lee…the poem rang in my head on waking…a puzzle until I saw this wonderful picture of Eve. Decoding the engrained trail of archetypes…a favorite endeavor. Although.. I read this over and over myself for all the sinuous twists


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