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  1. dear Jana, i love the precision of this lyric. you combine philosophical depth and linguistic ingenuity to create a composition of rare beauty. in awe, tony


  2. I really like this, J.H. You are getting into the interface of physics and metaphysics and that is terrific. I think of the ineffable many physicists and philosophers of space time talk about. For less mathematically sophisticated folks like myself I admire the metaphor. 🙂


    • It was an epiphany moment when I wrote this, Jeremy. Physics must be a “living” awareness….the science of it is well beyond me. I’ve only been able to validate insight in my hunt and peck reading….but the math stays beyond my grasp.

      I’ve been trying to track back in experience to see what lead to this particular insight.

      A photography class exploring depth of focus and realizing human eye sight is able to focus on only a small range of clarity of vision at any one moment. Ansel Adams nature photos, so popular, with their hyper focus are perhaps how we imagine Divinity “seeing” everything in complete clarity.

      A moment of transcendent chaos on a meandering day sitting still at an outside cafe gazing into the speed of motioning cars, people, voices, sky, leaves, wind, stationary objects, landing flying birds, myself…

      The harmonics of poetics…A poet friend who consistently echoes my poems meandering into the same room, or not, but from an entirely different door and there is synchronicity and connection…

      So I thank you Jeremy, for inspiring these reflections and making this a much fuller experience.


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