Doubt and Belief silently argue

as they sit upon a box


Trust joins them

adding 3 wheels to the box


giving mobility

to the debate


everyone’s muscles still tense

when they pass Hope or Violence


but they are now meandering

around the countryside


looking for the exact spot

where their grief is buried



photo credit: Unknown


17 responses

  1. Very intriguing…the kind of poetry I like to read over and over, peeling back the layers of meaning and imagery like (Warning: trite phrase to follow!) the layers of an onion. (I warned you!) I love the photograph of the living map but worry about the long-term damage done by map pins. 🙂
    Your poem gets a “BRAVO!” from me.



    • I think that doubt and belief reconcile in that they are both blinded by the “need to know”. Perhaps there is then the possibility of trusting in “not knowing”…. some call this beginners mind? But it is easy to see how complex these words are…maybe each of us see them differently with many shades of meaning. Thank you for pointing this out my friend.


  2. Perhaps, if they are unable to find their grief, it’s best they move on towards Hope… but then, Doubt and Belief will need to follow Trust blindly.

    It’s a very simply, but very evocatively told verse, Jana. I read it time and time again – its rhythm, its essence, its secret door into beyond – all done to perfection. You’ve made my evening! 🙂
    Take care and have a peace-filled week ahead!


    • I see it as a treasure hunt through the well of one’s being, Meenakshi.The treasure is life.

      Doubt and Belief? I wonder that they are not both blinded by the need to know. Trusting then is the simple living of one’s life

      Hope seems to have many meanings but here I see it as a mask covering vulnerability…how can one find real strength then?

      Some poems are puzzles. This one was an answer.

      Enjoy your day, Meenakshi. Peace


  3. Thank you Tiffany….I wish I did too. It’s more fun here, spontaneous….
    but my consideration has been on my other blog lately (link above).
    As regards the other blog….
    Seems our last posts have a visceral metaphor in common….the well


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