Home, home on the range


There is a difference between having “no rules”




The essence of traveling this boundary

is exploring substance


than defining



… git along little doggies…

on the frontiers






photo credit: kkart.deviantart.com


19 responses

    • Hello Shimon…this is a personal quest but perhaps it is because I am American that I am prompted to ask this question. As a country we used to be able to make a distinction. Or at least those in government did a better job of covering their tracks.
      The title of the poem comes from a Cowboy song in my childhood popularizing the American myth.


  1. “….git along little doggies/on the frontiers/of/my/self” –oh, I adore this image, Jana. Happy exploring….Is it my imagination or does your recent work have more lightness to it, more playfulness? I think play is good. I will be smiling for quite some time, warmly, from this piece. Thank you.


    • Yes….I’m feeling a little feisty lately, Chloe. Thank you for noticing. I haven’t had much time for writing but, with the change of season, my work schedule shifts. I am so ready!


    • Thank you Meenakshi. I wondered if my friends from other countries would pick up on the references made here. I think as a people, we are finally coming out from under the pervasive American hero myth. The title of this poem is from a cowboy song of my youth which popularized an aspect of American individualism.

      I still love it and what it is intended to stand for, although this is primarily a personal quest. Maybe this is my contribution…taking this question into myself. I am an American. How can I be separate from this reality?


      • Yes, I recognized the title from the song as also the American hero archetype the whole world has nurtured and grown. But you are right, things are changing, images are shifting, and the world is a flatter place than ever before.

        Have a good weekend!


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