Learning curves


The young girl, assessing the stylish posturing of her mother

critically ascertained its outward glow

as the wrappings on the package of a familiar androgyny


The young girl, watching her father absently come and go

was held fast in his mystery.

Since he reappeared to participate in her deepest moments

it was heard as a message from god


The young girl, never compromising her role as the eldest,

stealthily watched her brothers tangle in muscle

needing only to place her foot in the middle

to remind them this contest has many sides


The woman, quite old now,

loves the glow of her sweat picking beans,

considers all men brothers,

and happily listens to the birds in the trees




16 responses

  1. Jana, apologies for not having gotten baack to you sooner. Some posts I just have to save until I have time to really read them as they should. This is a wonderful poem. The encapsulation of a lifetime and the learning and wisdom that comes from a life well spent. I really enjoyed the stanza about the eldest child and brothers, such a rich full image. >KB


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