A poetic dose


She made a tincture of his words

dissolved in fine brandy.

Timed exactly

as the cusp of the horizon

split day into night

She took one dose


Three drops under her tongue

with a twist



Artist: Zhang Xiaogang

(I write my poems first and then have great fun finding a picture to enhance the poem visually. I fell in love with the expression in this painting by Zhang X., even though it’s probably a painting of a young boy.  The expression  is just perfect so I’m using artistic license. Look, it even has the twist! Click on Zhang X. above for further info on this brilliant, soulful artist )

17 responses

    • Thank you Shimon. Yes…The painting is challenging, I think. I wondered what would encourage someone to paint such a portrait and then I read the artist’s story, making the picture all the more enigmatic.


  1. i love the precision of your words here. In the exact dosage, you sprinkle mystery, charm and the image that is just right! A delightful balance.

    I’m sorry I’m irregular in my visits to your blog these days… adjusting in a new job. But I wait with anticipation to read your writimg, and this one fulfilled my expectation.

    Stay well, my friend!


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