Before dawn

I’m pedaling


It’s a down time

face up floating

a sea of heart’s desire


as night caresses

and dreams open like books

dissolving their meaning

no longer rigid

 rising to the surface

for light and air





Now deep in the hum of an extended writing project, I miss the relationship with my WordPress community. I wondered if I could keep up both directions in expression….the immediacy of day by day reflections and the task of organizing a larger body of work into a cohesive whole.

Still opening to deeper insight in the stillness of the night, nowadays after hours of the chaos of creative effort, I’ve decided to re-post some of the earlier poems, unedited. For me they are like talking with an old friend….calming, encouraging. Where am I today with these thoughts? Do they surface now with new meaning? I treasure the comments made and the friendships that have been nurtured with these seeds that were sown in this fertile ground.

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  1. How subliminal, your connection with this piece and skin cells, Patricia. HAH ! I woke writing this in the middle of the night and threw the picture on half asleep. “Skin” is a major theme that finds its way in much of my writing.
    Glad you found the picture inspiring!


  2. Do these desires accompany us into the dawn? Can we know them for what they are? Sometimes we awaken with the touch of dreams still in our minds, growing fainter with each passing second. But there are feelings–residual perhaps–that persist through the day. I wonder sometimes if they reflect a truer desire–these echoes of sleep–truer than the fantasies we construct during our waking hours.


    • My sweat tells me if my waking fantasies are masks, even if they are/seem humble or loving, but ultimately substitute for my own truth. Dreaming, waking…I look for the clues as they continue to present themselves in each moment.


  3. Glad you are staying connected via re-posts, Jana. I find the community support here to be so inspiring and nourishing–I expect that will be valuable to you in your solitary, long-term endeavor, but I know it’s a lot to undertake. Thank you for your friendship and support, my dear, and best wishes with your project! Xoxo


    • Thank you for all your friendship throughout this inspiring year Chloe. I’m on an adventure…certainly uncharted territory in my experience, but enough with the solitary journey. Been there! Life is too rich here. Nothing like community to stir the fire…xxoo


  4. Do they surface with new meaning? I ask myself of that to some songs that I had written years and years before, and I find myself no longer playing them, because they are exhausted. I have met others who have made great music, tho no longer do the songs, for the reason that they are exhausted of meaning. Some famous musicians who have to play ‘the hits’. Will play them, but mumble the words, giving the fans somewhat what they want, but the artist does not..

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    • I see your point Ted. I have often wondered how musicians are able to play the same songs over and over. I imagine the immediacy of the experience and the audience participation is relevant to some extent….but still.
      I don’t have to visit my own poetry except at times like this and when I chose to. It’s a bit different, I think. And I like coming back to an older piece. They’re often like building blocks of a-ha moments….my own record of acknowledgement. And then I also have the opportunity to update them when I’ve changed. Thanks Ted!

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