Perfect landing

Perfect landing


I step lightly between the landing of the animus

The muse who comes lifting honey

from the hives


Pollinating words penetrating

through veils

Boundaries permeable by light

still feeling the sinew and bones of intention

 smiling around dark corners



Pregnant with Animus…keep it steady there  © J.H. White

14 responses

  1. “still feeling the sinew and bones of intention

    smiling around dark corners”

    I know these corners.
    They are the inter
    sections of our city.
    They are bound
    in the flesh of
    these resonating
    sound waves…



    • Your response surprises me, Gravity….in a good way. You are often saying your poems are ‘messages to self ‘ which is so true for me as well.

      Some comments, on the other hand, often clarify this beautifully by being solid confirmation of a direction already chosen but not quite brought to light.

      I’ve been realizing I need to begin addressing the collective in my work. And here we are … at the intersections of the city.


      • I have been thinking much lately about the being of animals in the city, human or otherwise.

        I find the tension and friction frustrating, fascinating, aggravating and reassuring all at the same time.

        I miss the the wilderness, but I try not to wish for things to be other than they are, so I sometimes feel a bit haunted by these things, memories of mountains, a longing for a certain brand of loneliness.

        Ah, well. Don’t forget to look both ways…


        • Interesting you should mention this…my longing for wilderness is more acute lately than it has been since I left it to live here in this small mountain city. So while my infant grandson and I walk the streets I look up. Old city trees spread out with little competition for light into magnificence. Even with tree hackers making a mess of their form to make more room for wire lines they resiliently recover. So I think I understand where you are coming from. I also find it frustrating, fascinating, aggravating and reassuring …. been noticing and learning a few things myself. Cheers…


  2. Hey, I think of you some days. Just wanted to tell you that your face has elegant beauty. Your poetry is the penetrating light that streams from your soul and out from your eyes. Thought I should let you know. As a friend used to say to me: it is just a simple fact. Have a good rest of the weekend! 🙂


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