Practical religion



I have a small shrine outside my bedroom doorway. Every time I pass the shrine I know I’m praying. Sometimes my eyes glance to the side as I pass. Most often I can keep moving. Then there are the times I stop and I bow my head. Or sometimes I have to raise my arms up high.  It all depends on how much I have to say.

Also … I  start the day with a really good breakfast and when I get down to the end,  I always leave the last bite for the garbage gods.

I definitely give the neighborhood trees my allegiance … nothing overt … I just make sure I look up as I pass. And I’ve started to pick up any litter I find in the alley.

As you can see,  I try to spread my religion throughout the whole week. When I pass people on the sidewalk, I look them in the eyes to see if they see me. If they do I’ll smile. Otherwise we can stay invisible. I show respect.

Sundays are different.  It’s not because it’s religion. They’re looser. I admit, it’s a little hard if I’m lonely because then it would really be nice to have someone to tighten things up. But usually everything’s great. And I don’t need to pray on Sundays. It’s a free day.


artist: Mitsi:b

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  1. Very well done…incisive and sparkling with understatement! Your voice is well modulated and easy to understand…very important to those of us whose hearing is impaired with the ravages of time. Is the audio option something new on your blog, or have I just had my head in the clouds…or a darker and less pleasant place? *g*



    • Thank you Steven…trying some new things both personally and with poetry. The vulnerability factor is interesting to work with. It wasn’t a conscious “radio” idea but I see what you’re saying….I love listening to Terry Gross.


    • Thanks Chloe….relevant food for thought. Wouldn’t it be great though, to not come from any vantage point of separation? And I wonder what this means since I can only imagine what it isn’t. It’s a question coming up lately….xxoo


    • Reminds me of looking back at the one journal I’ve kept, written in my early twenties. It was years later and I was failing miserably at coming to terms with anything. Where’s a teacher when you need one? And then here in this journal I’d soulfully and intelligently addressed the same things. I couldn’t believe I’d written the words I was reading. But then here was my teacher… I seem to be my own worst enemy and sometimes my best teacher 🙂


  2. It is nice to hear your voice. I appreciate how you give and leave dignity… and it seems that rather than separate the spiritual out like a heard, you see the the range land full and vast. Thank you.


  3. I loved this. I don’t have a shrine or anything like that in my home, but I do stop and show appreciation, even reverence, for certain things that have meaning for me, something I’ve collected in our travels, or a collection of items balanced in such a way as to give pleasure. And the oaks outside my windows . . . . I like the idea of doing this more consciously. I think spiritual rituals can be a way to deepen our practice throughout the day. Thanks for this.


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