I am revolution



I am revolution

Not a fabricated metaphor

outlined in black ink

 A resilient cartoon in cry or bark.


I am revolution

Tender skin in every breath

every thought every feeling forming

Every single one

without turning



I am revolution

Arms stretching wide in virtual illusion

where beauty can find me


 sightless eyes

 observing life


I am revolution

I am chaos emergent in complexity

the memory of myself





photo credit: Unknown

15 responses

    • I was in the moment of “the word made flesh”. This thought of the memory of myself becoming change raced to be included, surprising me. I desire “revolution” but it has a historically violent connotation for me and I wanted to bring it into myself somehow.

      Poems are so often messages of actions to be assimilated…thanks, Teri, for giving me the opportunity to carry these thoughts further. xxoo


    • revolution … becoming how it resonates in me. A challenge to be rather than observe on a deeper level than I’ve imagined before…a physical commitment you know so well. xxoo


    • I planted bush beans and they turned out to be pole beans.!! They were fortunately planted in a circle, so now I’ve begun working in another dimension, rigging up sky scrapers for them to climb… Nurturing these seeds now reaching beyond. xxoo Thanks Geo…


    • Thank you so much Steven. It means a lot to me that you see and understand it this way.
      Looking out at the world, there was a time when it occurred to me that I would not see real change in my lifetime. Now, “belief” in anything means separation… observation. It’s become time for me to take all that I desire into myself and become it on the most intimate level. Surely ongoing… once jumping into the
      un -named…


  1. Turning and turning, circling the still point of you, balanced and not one word dizzied or wasted, a Sufi dance…eyes never averted from the clarity of you…this is a poetry i wish to be…


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