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    • Thank you for noticing, Steven. If the vowels look tame then they are probably (and gratefully) just resting! When I think of it, though, it’s the untamed ‘issuing forth’ quality of vowels I depend on, so I’m wearing them more like a talisman … or they’re wearing me!


  1. Swarmed by the elements of your writings your drawing of self appears unsure, anticipating perhaps a sudden textual sting or habitation of inner cells giving birth to cocooned poetry. I am blown away by this wonder Jana and ask permission to reblog on Art Rat in near future. Superb work my friend.


    • Wow..thanks John. And thanks for asking about a re-blog. Sure, if you wish.

      Just a little contemplation going on here though… You know that story John, where a sentence is passed around and by the time it reaches the last person, it has little semblance to the original? Letters scattered all over the place…. ? Vowels rising up from the heart?


  2. Reblogged this on art rat cafe and commented:
    You may have met Jana through my BLOG TOUR post and her response. Jana is an explorer of who we are and why, in poetry, art and brilliant writing. I loved her textual self-portrait and couldn’t resist sharing it here. Visit Jana’s blog, ‘Poetry of Light’ and enjoy her other amazing work.


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