Pencil noir #6






not quite




no linear way to truth


Letting it fall apart and seeing where it comes back together. I’m taking a short break … an end of summer pilgrimage to the coast. No computer, no pencils. See you all in a week or so….love you….Jana xxoo

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  1. At first glance I thought I saw text in the image. When enlarged I became lost in the gorgeous complexity of your mark making and subtle colouring. Your design sense is exquisite. And then the balancing opposite, the simplicity of your words. This is a lovely combination Jana. I echo Bonnie’s perfect play on ‘coasting. May your retreat be peaceful and enriching and yes, sometimes we do need to let things fall apart and then gently watch how they reform…shaking a kaleidoscope and peeking at each new pattern…happy trails to you…


    • Thanks John for this lovely send-of…this piece is actually a puzzle of odd meandering sketches…one from a past trip as I sat unwinding in the sand. There’s also some awful temporary basement apt. tense doodling just before doing my taxes and imagining I’m on that stretch of sand. It’s all good…and recycled, the complexity satisfies the balance I was reaching for. xxoo


  2. But have you ever asked yourselves sufficiently how much the erection of every ideal on earth has cost? How much reality has had to be misunderstood and slandered, how many lies have had to be sanctified, how many consciences disturbed, how much ‘God’ sacrificed every time? If a temple is to be erected a temple must be destroyed: that is the law – let anyone who can show me a case in which it is not fulfilled!

    – Friedrich Nietzsche, On the Genealogy of Morality

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  3. I like the microscopic and organic complexity in your drawing, Jana. The interior journey appears to have no straight lines, but here there is a saturation of light and structural beauty.


  4. Thanks for your interpretive comment Chris. In many ways this is a song, sung over a tumultuous time in my life.

    I’m finding that complexity needs a healthy dose of self editing and sometimes a trusty pair of scissors.


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