Microbial Fantasia #1


How many times will I shed raw and return?


Or is it a stronger current

amorphously assembling and deconstructing

as I unwittingly rally

behind the porosity of thought

the seduction of words


I am a small planet

a symbiotic microbial world


My peripheral orbit

 flings so far in its trajectory

that now

the axis is nearly invisible.


I can only feel it…


this bright nucleus of love

teeming with life…


Tantra involves a very powerful substance, which is buddha-nature, or our enlightened nature, eating us from the inside out rather than being reached by stripping away layers from the outside.

 Crazy Wisdom by Chögyam Trungpa


“If something burns your soul with purpose and desire, it’s your duty to be reduced to ashes by it. Any other form of existence will be yet another dull book in the library of life.”
― Charles Bukowski


Poem and sketch by j.h.white. …..I am aware that microbes are single cell organisms.  In representing my relationship with them in this series though,  I prefer immersion without thought, surrendering to the imaginative, perceptual and sensate possibilities.   Symbiotic microcosmic navigation amongst my tribes….xxoo



25 responses

  1. Good one Jana. Kind of Blakeian in its audacity and I will also quote some Bukowski if I may, the last four lines from “Dinosauria, we”:
    ‘And there will be the most beautiful silence never heard
    born out of that
    the sun still hidden there
    awaiting the next chapter’


  2. autonomous inner fires
    burning outward
    through caves of cells
    opening passages
    for the outer to slide in
    oscillations of wonder
    unscripted passion
    energies passing
    in and out
    rubbing antennae
    creating mythologies
    of friction and desire
    with words inscribed
    in ash and flame

    raw and sudden thoughts
    at the moment of immersion
    in the sensual lines
    of your drawing
    and writing


    • A crow
      finding a silver ribbon
      fallen from the well-thumbed pages
      of a book
      flies with the ribbon
      to the heights of an oak
      the better to feel the ribbon
      snap in an electrical
      dance with the wind


  3. Your words and drawing Jana, simply beautiful, suggesting worlds within worlds,
    ……….Immersion without thought……… love this.

    …..In the silent sacred earth, roots and seeds are dreaming…….


    • Thanks Tiffany. I’m pleased you think so. I keep bouncing in some direction, holding my hand out to catch whatever comes by. It’s about all I have time for now a days.
      Is this what they call “Keeping your hand in?” xxoo


  4. “How many times will I shed raw and return?” I read this and feel my heart beating… like an invisible axis. You are coursing such a cool, cool stream Jana. Love it love it.


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