Disappearing Blogs


Something peculiar is occurring lately…. a few of the blogs I’ve been happily following and commenting on, some for a very long time, are up and disappearing from my Reader and are totally erased from my ‘Blogs I Follow list’. POOF!

If you see a notification that I am now following your blog …well…. You’re one of the ones who have been POOFED!

I’ve caught a few but…how many can I be missing?  And WHY is this happening???

Hmmmmm … WordPress ????

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  1. I just today had a subscriber who had the very same issue Jana; and I’ve heard of this happening before to others, as well as several failures to be notified of posts once subscribed. To me, it rather points to the presence of a bug somewhere within the WP source code – some malignant microbial gremlin. Whether there will be anything about it in the forums I’m not sure. Perhaps I’ll take a look.

    Yours, hopefully not up in smoke just yet.


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  2. My problem is I could not see the gravatar of the people who like my post except in the notification page. This has been going on for the past week. I’ve tried WP’s help forum but it always points out to the setting which I haven’t changed so far. The only message I get is “loading”….


  3. I made my account private for awhile due to these links that essentially are spam hitting on my page(s) that somehow escape the WordPress spam filters. It was addressed by WordPress in the forum questions but they insist they aren’t doing any harm – except it completely screws up all the statistical data. I haven’t found my way out of that problem yet. I used to enjoy looking at the statistical information but now its totally unreliable


    • I think I’ve come to the same conclusion about the statistical data. It’s fun to look at, but it doesn’t seem particularly accurate…. Sorry about the spam problem. Every once in awhile I get one, totally unrelated… as if it is a misdirected message. Off in cyber space…


  4. A ghost in the machine? To add to the pile of evidence I have had similar problems since changing my theme…Perhaps one day we’ll all wake up and find this was all just a dream…


    • I still think, John, that it’s our ankle winged friend Mercury….seeing if we can keep up with his curious maneuvers.
      “Off with this blog!”
      Well….foiled you little trickster. Caught you!


    • Not a bad idea Tony …. it was only by chance I caught it. I started to see blogs I’ve followed for a long time come up as recommendations on the side bar in the Reader. What? I also went to comment on a blog I’d seen in the morning and couldn’t find it again in the Reader. La-la land…


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