thought hovers

is this thought mine?


I watch the few words

just there

I look askance to see if they move

do they move of their own volition?


they hover


we’re moving through walls

what does this mean?


I once could hear through walls

I’d lost my skin

rendered immobile

I heard nuclear indifference

red lights green lights

flying metal and a dying jesus

I wet myself

although the bed stayed dry


I looked for what was left

at the time

I was empty

much later I understood

this was the right place to start


it takes awhile

starting from nothing

to un-know everything


we hover

not knowing

we move through walls



    Acrylic on paper….j. h. white

20 responses

  1. This reminds me of Sufi poetry and your words and image depict the complications of knowing too much and the desire to be reborn and to begin to practice re-learning in peace and love. Oh, and the first two lines – what an intro into this wonderful piece.

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    • Well thank you Mark…that’s quite a compliment.The poem comes from a bit of stream of consciousness following seeing some words I couldn’t read for a few days “hovering” there. The only thing I could tell is they were traveling through walls. The poem is quite literal.

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      • Hey Hariod…I had to sleep on this one. Again, it is that leap into not having to define. So for me it is less about ‘not this, not this’ than being without definition in relationship as it is happening. Not as an observer but participating and taking my clues on how to respond, how to be in this relationship, from the relationship generated….which also doesn’t need to be defined so that it can continually grow, morph, expand, contract, leap, burrow, enter, exit…. 🙂


    • I admire Aboriginal art Steven and like to try my hand at the “style” but it’s so much more than a style. It’s about representing energy in all kinds of relationship. Fascinating right? Yes…the poem is a puzzle. Or was presented as one. I just followed where it led.

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    • Thank you and good question…I don’t see it as the collective unconscious though, because that would be only human. Right? I feel “mind” or conscious thought or whatever I haven’t even imagined yet must include everything, everyone, but most probably what I’m in proximity or relationship with at any particular moment. I leave it open…I think this poem stems from this reaching out to this unknown knowing…relationship has a definite “feel” to it. I’m babbling here but that was a good question to try and answer…! 🙂


  2. Jana, It’s taken me a few return visits to feel I have enough words to speak. The art is easy for me. These are designs I see behind eyes as I drift, it’s the blanket that hangs in the doorway to dream world…your rich patterns. Reading the poem continues… a circular stroll through a landscape of glimpsed images and whispers of what may be… magical mystery tour…thanks for the ride…

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  3. after our son died
    my wife would cry softly
    thin apartment walls
    neighbours making love
    hovering sobs
    insertion aria
    hearts spilling
    tragic opera
    thoughts hover
    is this pain mine?


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