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    • Thanks Steven. Suzy picked the poem out and contacted me. I think she does a wonderful job curating her journal so I am glad to be included. I haven’t given publishing much thought, since I’m so happily active here. But it is being brought up a lot lately. I’m still on the fence about it.
      Poetry is a social, community outlet for me. I’m here on WP and reading my work locally among other poets. I’m “addicted” (there are some positive addictions) to the more immediate response. It informs my writing. Almost like aural culture when language was so adapted to the present moment it was spoken in.

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  1. I have no choice but to open the door, walk out into the night, cross the river, trip through the forest, find an open field amidst the deep woods, brush myself off… and howl rapturously like a wolf (well, perhaps more akin to coyote). Love it Jana.

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  2. How lovely to be winged around cyberspace, spreading seeds like snow in a shaken globe. I didn’t recognize you in this poem, is it very old or very new? enjoyed none the less…

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    • I’m not always shaking trees or excavating under rocks, John! But yes…It is an older poem from the summer archives. Written after one evening walking up in the mountains beyond city light where one couldn’t tell where the fireflies left off high up in the trees and the stars began.
      “like snow in a shaken globe” …a perfect description of this virtual space! That particular night also being a visual “globe” of multi-faceted “stars” still vibrant in my memory.

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  3. A lovely discovery, Jana, and congratulations. I felt myself drawn again to the vast silence of living. There is some connection between that vast landscape and the moments when we are aflame with light…


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