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It’s been a steamy tropical summer here in the Blue Ridge Mountains. At odd moments errant cloud bursts are signaled by the booming of thunder and zig-zag flashes of light. Just as suddenly the clouds part and the air radiates with the returning intense heat of the sun and everything changes color. I’ve become accustomed to waiting out the impenetrable sheets of rain. They rarely last long. It’s as if someone is having fun with the on/off switch. Makes me wonder what the birds and bees are doing during these drenching interludes.

And I’ve been traveling a bit…the bath tub waters of the Gulf Coast and a retreat on the southern Atlantic coast with alligators and jellyfish. My most recent trip was a road trip to upstate NY to celebrate with my Father on his 94th birthday!

Upon my return, I was delighted to find a request from fellow blogger, Marcy Erb. She wanted to know if I’d be interested in allowing her to post my poem “I dream of being a weed…” with a collage she was creating inspired by the poem. What a great idea Marcy! Another weed lover…and so much more! If you aren’t familiar with Marcy’s blog,  head right over there. She has begun designing a Major Arcana with birds as the focus. Her alignment of archetypal symbology is so unique, relevant and beautiful, I’ve become completely captivated. The links are below….

“I dream of being a weed…”

The Emperor

The Tower

The Wheel of Fortune   …. and my favorite!


pastel: j h white

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  1. Different place but similar Summer pursuits here, weatherwise and road trip wise—minus the birthday, gathering images in my head for later distillation.
    The first link to the actual collage did not work for me… I found it none the less and now I’m off to read the poem, sounds like a good programme. Take good care.

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    • Ah! Thanks…I fixed the link. Following the links is a bit like navigating the directions I made for myself since I was both driver and navigator on this last trip. Your summer sounds like a movable feast. I look forward to your reflections. It also seems like we are both becoming comfortable with being nomads and making “home” where ever we land. “Becoming” the operative word! Thanks for the well wishes and blessings to you and yours!

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