The Poetics of Light #15



The Memory of Light


The beginning of this series starts here


       We are intimately known and compassionately held in the memory of light. How extraordinary!

              It has been proposed in this narrative that we are juggling between two collective perceptual paradigms, two ways of perceiving life that encourage us to participate in very different ways. And now a third consideration is being introduced.

           The Archetypes, though generally subliminal, hold enough weight to be considered a perceptual influence even to the extent that we have created our own separate resonant connection with them in the form of empathy.

           Light is ever present though, in everything that exists… balancing within itself. We have in all ways been a part of this. Bountiful stars… !

           As we face into this mystery we surrender our Need to Know and our Need to Save by trusting in life itself, but more specifically by passionately following our own personal Path of Healing. By continually balancing our own thoughts and emotions into a spiritually integrated physicality we align with Light, recognizing we are Light within ourselves, and in this way assist in the healing of this separate human archetypal realm of deep suffering, denial and indifference.


I want to thank everyone who has been following this series for your participation and deep listening… for helping to make these words come alive. After the New Year we will delve deeper into the Paths of Healing… the nature of healing within the Continuum of Light. But for now…

I wish you the blessings of the season… and the celebration of the return of light in whatever way or custom you observe! …. love, Jana


Listen to the birds

     They know how to sing”



© Jana H. White

Artist: Vincent VanGogh


13 responses

  1. Looking forward to delving in again next year. Delve is definitely the correct word, your writing is so beautifully dense and reading the dialogues has been such an immersive and inspiring experience thus far.

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    • I’m actually a pretty watery sort Chris…with my little flash light down in the depths….LOL. I’m also curious as to where we’ll be going next and grateful, so grateful, for the companionship of other intrepid explorers! Much love to you and yours!

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    • bleeding openly
      without bleeding out
      beans sprouting
      ferns cauterizing
      hearts opening again
      in the eyes of our children’s eyes
      small steps each day through the woods
      on our paths of healing

      Blessed…simply blessed
      What a ride, huh?

      Much love to you and your family Geo!


  2. your prose leaps into poetry because of the light “ever present … in everything that exists… balancing within itself. We have in all ways been a part of this. Bountiful stars… !” i find myself trying to shore up my composure after reading this passage. i look forward to reading more from you in 2017 and hope that you have a wonderful holiday season that nourishes your soul.

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    • Thank you Michael. I miss being embraced entirely by poetry but prose suits the purpose here and I am enjoying learning its more structured dancing. To hear you say your poetic ear was inspired, is the music I dance to! I wish for you a blessed holiday season Michael…love to you and yours!


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