The Poetics of Light #16



The Paths of Healing


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           So here we are… at the metaphorical doorway leading to this vast attendant shadowing realm of traumatic memory. It is a realm however, without physical substance. A realm that we as human beings have created and that we empathically resonate with, simply by being human. It is a realm resonant with the archetypal suffering of lost souls and unresolved suffering.

           A realm which is intangible but which elicits a wide variety of the darkest images. A realm that throughout our history has provided the scenario for all manner of artistic genre and exploration as well as classic myths. A realm with the esoteric illusion of manipulative or healing power, depending on which side of the arc of empathy is the focus. A realm that has also elicited religious and cultural superstitions, strict taboos, petitions, prayers for lost souls, and threats of eternal punishment. Currently, it seems to be a realm that is generally ignored by intelligent educated people and considered the imaginative fodder of popular culture. While at the same time continues to be intoxicating to the masses for purposes of entertainment.

           I’ve randomly chosen a few examples of our widely varied relationship with this shadowing realm. It is odd how we’ve danced around our relationship over the centuries without any clear idea of what we are actually in relationship with. I can only think that in what ever way acknowledgement has manifested, it has served its own purpose.

           Even with trusted assistance, I’ve personally spoken of my own resistance navigating in this archetypal realm. For our purposes here, the intention is also clarity… but not to map or explore… for even utilizing the word “realm” is a metaphor of convenience.

           We are still comparing two perceptual paradigms. A realm without physical substance can not be objectively defined nor its complex and shifting parameters understood despite the repetitive patterns of cause and effect that we customarily impose as a grid for reference. It still exists within the Continuum of Life. Alternately, the Continuum of Life is based in relationship… mutable, compassionate, dynamic, and with creative action immediate upon acknowledgement.

           Our purpose here is to bring light into our own beings, illuminating our relationship with empathic memory. Our relationship with trauma has become empathically archetypal. What this means is that our relationship with this incomprehensible empathic realm is directly relative to our ability to heal… not only ourselves but reciprocally within the Continuum of Life..

           In order to accomplish this illumination we enter a world of quantum complexity as we compare the differences between the two different paradigms of perception under consideration. We explore the very nature of healing within the Continuum of Life in the Paths of Healing. In doing this we can better understand the importance of addressing our inherent vulnerabilities and the extraordinary personal necessity of healing the separation of “self” by continually balancing our thoughts and emotions into an integrated physicality.


In every situation,

a person’s responsive resonance

within the Continuum of Life,

their recognition of wholeness,

facilitates healing.

For healing is a natural process

as Divine Nature,

through physical nature as organizing principle,

maintains balance within the Continuum.

In a holographic continuum,

through personal integrated response

in a Path of Healing,

as a person heals in reciprocal resonance

within the holographic whole,

this resonance not only facilitates personal healing,

but also reciprocally

throughout the entire Continuum.


           In this narrative I have organized what I learned in the dialogues in a way that I hope, not only aids in grasping all that was conveyed, but lends some assistance in at least cautioning against some of the spiraling holes I fell into while personally engaged in the dialogues. This is not easy material to encompass or integrate. We are conditioned by our perception just as much as we are drawn by our hearts.

            While learning about the Paths of Healing it became clear that when considerable numbers of human beings are in a collective empathic archetypal reaction at any one time consistently, the reciprocal effect on the biological and ecological systems of the whole may be deeply effected. This is simply a matter of cause and effect which extends beyond our species. Wars, for example, generate deprivation, deprivation encourages pestilence and epidemics, irresponsibility and indifference towards the natural world encourages impoverished and unbalanced ecosystems. All of these in turn generate the possibility of consistent collective archetypal situations.

           And so it was personally at this point in the dialogues, in discussing how our actions have effected the whole, that I began to have trouble. I felt the panic of looking at things through the usual lens of cause and effect despite all I’d learned about the immediacy of relationship. The stacks and stacks of aberrant symptomology we’d compiled swirled in my head and troubled my heart. It all seemed so humanly familiar. The images of Aids and crack babies, climate change and gun violence invaded my perspective. All my spiritual practice went out the window as I started measuring how archetypal the world had become due to indifference towards the overwhelming effects of personal trauma, the ever increasing ecological changes, the wars and violence continually engaged in.

           Since the world seems particularly fragile and unstable, it is easy to become lost in these ruminations. My thoughts and emotions flew about wildly and I began to find communication in the dialogues more and more problematic as I held on to images of family and friends to ground me whenever opening in dialogue. This of course broke the rules but I was becoming more and more unstable in maintaining concentration. I was overwhelmed, exhausted and tumbling out of balance.

          I‘ve been continually learning though, that our personal responsibility is in maintaining our own balance no matter what is presented. Breathe! With continued practice each day, I recognize more fully that when I maintain a physical and spiritual integration by consciously working to be mentally and emotionally balanced within myself, by passionately doing my own deep work, this is when I am open to insight and the relative intelligence of the whole, with assurance and trust that I have the capacity to understand what ever may pertain to my part in it all.

           Holding close the teaching that the Need to Know and the Need to Save obscure Truth, I resonate with the holographic capacity of the memory of Light and it’s innate ability in balancing the whole. Where conscious creative action in relationship in an intelligent world is immediate and not subject to the machinations and time constraints of cause and effect.

           So in the very heart of poetry, in writing and sharing this narrative, and in relationship with all beings… I continue to listen.



© Jana H. White

Artist: Stephen De Staebler


12 responses

  1. Our world seems to have the big perspective, all the time; even if we choose not to be informed by ‘the news’. Perhaps the personal perspective, in all its layers and facets, is the only usable perspective. And knowing the limitations of life, heart and mind, the only place we can do something about the imbalances in the world is were we are, right here, right now. Simple but difficult in this society of instant messaging. Falling back is normal .. getting back on our feet also.

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    • Hi Audra…I agree. For sure. They are difficult to balance. My own patterns come around again and again for me to have another look at. Another view. It blows my mind. But I’m learning to recognize them more fluidly and seeing that, though they may inform me, they don’t have to define me. Thank you for this… xxxooo

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  2. What a journey you lay out for us! Continuum of Life has also become for me a core “belief?” predisposition – it seems ab-straction and disjunction – removing elements of experience from their vital context and indiscernible complexity causes so very very much di-stress and reduction in relation to existing. Thank you Jana

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  3. Jana, I read this, became lost in it and decided to return on another day. Then it slipped my mind until this morning. “Breathe!”. Indeed. The conscious balance between simplicity and complexity. Mind and body… and a whole bunch of other things and non-things. I have a strange, strong resistance to WordPress these days, I’m not sure why but trust it will pass. As always sister and friend… thanks for the light.

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