The Poetics of Light #17



The Balancing Nature of Light


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      Round and round, this narrative has spun its web. In the early morning light the dew is capturing infinitesimal prisms…. eyes held in the hands of gods.

           At this point in the narrative it would be best to have already encompassed the elements of this puzzle. In the earlier chapters we were building perceptual comparisons and a common vocabulary. However, if you wish to dive right in, the Principles of Light are the distilled essence and a key to understanding. They can be read here.

           Personally I find the juxtaposed complexities of all we are about to explore mind boggling. This post and the next encompass the most technical aspects of the dialogues. I personally needed the first sentence above to remind me of poetry, story and myth. I haven’t found any other way to lay it all out except mechanically. I feel like a kid in a junkyard imaginatively building a contraption to fly free from gravity. While my main concern remains simply making sure all the wheels turn. With this said… I hope you are able to wade through all the words.

          It also takes some measure of patient unknowing to follow the workings of this vehicle. Take a ride on it in whatever way is uniquely yours… for it seems our route home.


“Illusions are the pathways of resistance

The Healing Paths show the way home

The body manifesting the love of the divine”


      Empathic archetypal memory, which was created through the extremes of collective traumatic human suffering, is not separate from the Continuum of Life. Even though in the vast web of life we are the only ones in resonant participation.

           A logical question arises though. Since Light is the creative principle in every aspect of life, and the holographic nature of Light is ever balancing the whole of itself through the organizing principle of organic nature, how does this principle apply when it concerns a separate anomaly? An anomaly created with apparent velocity in the form of empathy, but without organic substance?

Light creates structure

           We all carry the weight of trauma. In healing from archetypal trauma, whether currently experienced in this life, or as the unconscious psychological weight of our inherent vulnerabilities of unresolved suffering carried in from previous life experience, the reciprocal balancing within the Continuum gives structure to the return of a personal response to life. It is personally unique to each individual and becomes our Path of Healing.

            Our empathic connection, our resonance with the archetypes of trauma however, is pervasive and continually promoted by the culture we live in and a collective perception based in a progressive time continuum. As we learned when exploring culture, our relationship with empathy is an integral aspect of the function of culture. A progressive time continuum, which promotes the patterns of cause and effect, also supports unconscious empathic resonance.

         Contrasting with a perception based in a time continuum, a person’s process through the structure of a Path of Healing is non-linear and not necessarily progressive. Because it is a uniquely personal process, it cannot be measured. It is physical and spiritual integration through a Path of Healing, acquiring it’s personal potential strengths, that returns a person to his or her own personal resonance within the holographic whole, facilitating physical and psychological recovery and healing.

           At any given moment it is also impossible to determine with any certainty where a person is in this process, so there is no empirical system possible for completely accurate diagnosis. For those in the healing professions, the immediacy of compassionate insight, the insights afforded through the entrainment possible with deep listening… all these aspects of relationship are a more useful diagnostic tool.

           A guideline however, in the determination of whether a person is empathically reacting to an archetype or is responding to life, is by their lack of response to psychological healing and/or by complications in recovery when physical recovery is a possibility.

           Empathic reaction or resonance primarily with archetypal memory however, is conditioned by the patterns of cause and effect with a level of generalized consistency. Specifically, in each empathic reaction, the particular archetypal situation acts as a holding pattern having an emotional and/or mental hold on a person’s perception of separate self in a progressive time continuum. This results in recognizable mental and emotional symptomology, regardless of when this occurs historically!

           However, human perception is fluid and uniquely individual, and as stated, cannot be measured. The symptomology is perhaps more relevant as a guideline in the study of the psychology and patterns of archetypal empathic reaction, rather than a list of symptoms through which to filter diagnostic considerations.

           But what does this mean? Here we again return to the “separate self’ and the importance of balancing all preoccupations that interfere with our ability to integrate as physical and spiritual beings. We are literally tuning forks… our bodies resonant with the spiritual intelligence of life. A continual conscious internal balancing affords us the strengths to remain vulnerable, to heal from these patterns of cause and effect attendant to empathic memory that move through our lives. We learn of forgiveness, not only of others, but particularly of ourselves… for our mistakes, our failures to love, our grasping, our fears, our addictions, each moment we have been asleep to our lives. These patterns may have formed us, but they do not define us. With conscious recognition we have the opportunity to mature and despite the patterns that reoccur in our lives we are humbled in our humanness.

           The Paths of Healing, reciprocally resonating at different uniquely personal velocities, give structure for this healing. The more a person resonates with life, the less effected they become by a deterministic cause and effect. Which ever way a person integrates this holistic sense of self, the result is participation in the natural balancing and healing of the whole continuum.


In a holographic continuum, as a person gains the strengths needed to heal through a Path of Healing…

– Reciprocal resonance within the Continuum of Life replaces the progressive perception of Time

– Velocity in communication in an intelligent world replaces empathic memory

– The compassionate holographic memory of light replaces cause and effect


           Even with a common archetypal mental and emotional symptomology however, it is impossible to tell just when a person makes a shift in perception from reaction to response since the process is a non-linear perceptual return to a personal response, rather than empathic archetypal reaction. A person may waver back and forth in their process of healing allowing infinite combinations of reaction and response.

           In understanding the nature of healing we must remember that time is simply a tool of measurement. The essence of healing is spiritual and cannot be measured. The differing states of physical complaint within the human organism… imbalance/balancing, chronic imbalance/chronic balancing… are both indicative of a person’s physical/emotional/mental integration, but are not necessarily progressive. Even if the body succumbs to disease, the advancement of illness still remains individual.

          And so we begin engaging in the intricate, discerning, conscious work of understanding our personal path of healing from our empathic relationship with the collective archetypes of trauma. This  journey on our metaphorical flying ship, a flight out of the unconscious “well” of suffering, has all the elements of epic myth (or science fiction). But as in all myth… this is our story.


© Jana H. White

Photo: “Neurons” An I.O.U. on crediting this beautiful image. I was unable to find the source


18 responses

  1. I’m slowly starting to understand this series and I see how universal it is. The silent hours experienced last week — essential nourishment — seem to have removed the spectacles of the thinker inside my funny head.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. The writing has a pulse Jana. Or perhaps its my understanding that pulses. Regardless, by releasing the need to understand word for word, concept by concept and riding the waves of impression I managed to see or sense larger meaning. As though from a height (or depth?). In the rear cockpit of a junkyard contraption perhaps? There’s a wonderful contrast between the magnificent flying machine and the filaments of light used to weave your tale.

    By the way, not sure if I’ve mentioned it before but your choice of lead images never fails to blow my mind.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love your approach
    The simplicity
    Yet the complexity as well
    To manifest the question
    In order to maintain
    An answer
    Hoping the wheels keep turning
    I’ve missed you
    I’ve been under a rock
    Sucking dust
    As Sheldon Always

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’ve always given me a different way to view things Geo or added dimensions…all rounding out my corners as I’ve tried to sort this out. In and out of each others lives…one continuous line. Big smiles this morning!


    • I agree! I tell my grandchildren, when they are ill or hurt themselves, that their bodies know what to do. Their bodies know how to heal. Believing this so young, they build trust in this and have the opportunity to have patience and curiosity instead of fear. I had an accident the other day. A substantial chunk of skin was cut from my finger. It was pretty frightful and made the littlest one cry. But I made sure he saw how it slowly healed. In one so young I believe this becomes a trust in life itself. The essence of spirituality…


      • It’s terrifying, this trusting business. I have, however, just been through an experience, created entirely by myself I realise where I interfered, needing to control. Living life is a precarious business. One has little ground for trust, things go wrong so easily.


        • There is no easy answer Petru. Life is complicated. However, in each self aware moment we learn more about ourselves… what encourages us, what triggers us, what we need or think we need, and what we have been willing to do to get it. How our bodies are reflecting this back to us.
          Who are we becoming? It’s all here for us… we simply need to open our eyes and hearts to it.


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