I send my voice out until breathless…



There is a mountain

within me

An inheritance

that has now become a polished stone

nestled in flesh,

in blood rich organ


A nameless sadness, it nestles close

real as the moon’s rise,

born within

a pit in the stomach

a seed in the heart


“Take this strange sorrow from me. It is bottomless,” I cry

as I walk up and down

the mourning side of my mountain.


At the top of the mountain

I yodel like a fool…

sounds and sobs issue with spittle and tears

I send my voice out

until breathless


But not spent


In the quieting down

I understand this weight is a broken seam

that can not be healed

It is the rend in the garment

of the turning in and the turning away from.


This broken seam can only be mended

cauterized by the flame that burns

in an open heart



Artist: Johan Christian Dahl  1821

16 responses

  1. this broken seam, scar tissue, polished white line through lush landscape; a nameless sadness real as the moonrise… nourishing the flame that mends. mountain stone moon… Jana yodelling like a harp string.

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  2. “There is a mountain within me, an inheritance that has now become a polished stone,”
    “The broken seam that can only be mended by the flame that burns in an open heart.”
    A wonderful poem all of it and I can’t resist pasting the quote below of which there are many beautiful images on the web, of broken pots mended with gold, the Japanese art of Kintsugi.

    When the Japanese mend broken objects, they aggrandize the damage by filling the cracks with gold. They believe that when something’s suffered damage and has a history it becomes more beautiful.” Quote by ― Barbara Bloom

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    • It is so good to have you back here Teri…. and thank you for bringing Kintsugi to mind. Being a devoted recycler, I’ve applied this “repairing” method myself with many different things. I like the analogy here. It feels “organic”.


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