The condition of unrestrained motion

wild garden


Is there no place for the heart and eye to rest?


fatigued by the unkinder textures of  human engagement

I squeeeeze

into the spaces in between us


while the world of substance shifts

& tilts …

a kaleidoscopic mish mash

as it rights itself

Us along with it

with our names and rulers akimbo

all free falling

in the fields of wild light


A little spontaneous unedited hello!!!


I miss these Sunday mornings together when I don’t get here. Prose has me boggled and busy once again, so this is my space in between….the place my heart rests! And my eye feasts! The photo is from a walk in a local unweeded garden…perfecto!


13 responses

  1. the photo carries the words so easily into a summer jungle dance…I love the ambiguous ‘shovel plant’…and that you are using your own visual…this poem is stunning in its movement and imagery…is becoming one of my read over and over faves…


  2. Poem and photograph are beautiful. That final line kicks ass! It is one of those lines that requires the reader to read on. Your poems take place in many different dimensions, which for me means I have to read slowly and more than once, lines like “…in the fields of wild light” make it desireable to do so.

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