Learning curves


The young girl, assessing the stylish posturing of her mother

critically ascertained its outward glow

as the wrappings on the package of a familiar androgyny


The young girl, watching her father absently come and go

was held fast in his mystery.

Since he reappeared to participate in her deepest moments

it was heard as a message from god


The young girl, never compromising her role as the eldest,

stealthily watched her brothers tangle in muscle

needing only to place her foot in the middle

to remind them this contest has many sides


The woman, quite old now,

loves the glow of her sweat picking beans,

considers all men brothers,

and happily listens to the birds in the trees







Doubt and Belief silently argue

as they sit upon a box


Trust joins them

adding 3 wheels to the box


giving mobility

to the debate


everyone’s muscles still tense

when they pass Hope or Violence


but they are now meandering

around the countryside


looking for the exact spot

where their grief is buried



photo credit: Unknown







I think

I’ve made a mistake


I thought I was the ocean

water and salt filling my bones

that I could continually wash to shore

over and over and over and over and over and over



I’ll not do it

if it means love has to wait

for me to be flesh


as all living things


who am I





photo: Matt Wisniewski

Counting cars



I’m just getting used to the old guys next door

They sit on the back porch

drinking and talking

I can’t decipher what they say

not understanding southern

but it’s not too different

than a murder of crows


across the street

two fire trucks

three cop cars

and the paramedics

blue and red strobe-alicious lightning these guys like to announce their presence

Should I move my car?

Alcoholic James gives diabetic Eddie


Someone calls 911

sister June lover of cats and brother Eddie

comes in and slugs room mate James the neglectful


and the cops stand bACK

a broken hand for June and Eddie’s on vacation for a night

James better hide behind that tree.


Bella and me

sitting on the stoop

eating homemade popsicles

strawberries, yogurt and SUGAR

(a little bit)

It’s a RED car day!

counting cars

a few silver ones sneak in

but the red cars have it that day