They refused

to bury us

in the knotted masks of tall grasses

before setting fire to the cairn of chaff


our children

lie dormant

as seeds of light



as we were

are gone forever



defying gravity

I am here to witness

love breathing


through my own flesh


IMG_1745painting: J.H. White 2007


I want to thank my fellow traveler, Geo Sans. Even though it is a solitary journey, no one goes alone.






I don’t fear melting into this earth.

 Each morning

I wake into the air

I do not rise      I do not move

I do not open my eyes

until my nose has sensed persuasion

my tongue has tasted sweetness

and my ears have heard the world


I was a child with dreams of becoming

Now I am older with dreams of being



Nothing and everything is changing.

I am like a snake shedding its skin


biting its tail


erasing  the lines

of time