Loosely Binding


The making of Hanji paper ….


Mulberry bark


skin, boil, wash, pound

In winter

cover with the root mucus … of hibiscus manihot.

Blended together … artfully form.

In a warm room … dry slowly … covered with stones.

I am durable … unpreserved I outlast civilizations

Enter my door … I am cool in summer, warm in winter

Impenetrable … the rain that falls can not dim my light


Accompanied by cricket sound in a field of stars

I sit in the soft glow of papered lamp light

it’s ancient tradition a beckoning

all my loved ones resting deep in sleep,

and tonight a great nest of grandchildren

dreaming of mountain tadpoles

and the wild strawberries they picked

as their own sun kissed bodies ripened in the sun

In this moment

I wonder at the naturalness of this great love that binds us

I am dazed by this spiraling life my heart forever flies towards

while still maintaining my own self … full, nurturing, self providing

I sit here like an open field arms held wide for it all

Tonight looking out at the shadows cast in response to our light

the dreaming of this family and the vast silence of living surrounds me

I wrap myself round with the wonder of it all

At the strength and resilience this steady cadence our hearts beat

Seemingly fragile

But oh, so strong


Hanji paper is a traditional paper made in Korea from the inner bark of the paper mulberry. It is durable with archival properties and can be openly displayed in museums without protection. It is a good ventilator but can also keep a room warm so it is used to cover their wooden framed doors. It is also waterproof. It’s translucent qualities lend well to the artistry of shading lamps.

Hanji Paper Artist: Kitty Jun-Im

The Poetics of Light #19





The beginning of this series starts here


       After weeks of carefully picking our way through tangled brush and strenuously rising from the valley below, we have reached the summit of the high mountain. In this altitude the air is thin and crisp and all movement is considered. It’s been a rough climb breaking new trail. Looking down the mountain from this height, we now have a clear view. We can see that there are many other pathways through the brush etched like the carved rivulets of spring runoff… the trails of sure footed mountain goats.

           While on the mountain we have been engaging in the deep personal work of extricating ourselves from the gravity, the weight of empathy and the patterns of cause and effect that influence our lives. Through our relationships, our spiritual practices, our creative work, our silent listening, we have been gaining insight into our own healing path as we climb.

           We have been gaining self knowledge and have experienced that seeing a pattern reoccurring in our lives in one instance isn’t necessarily enough. Over and over insight informs us from various vantage points as we engage in our relationships and make our choices. Each time we have been acquiring new strengths to heal and resolve the suffering we have endured, for we have all suffered much. As we climb the mountain we prepare ourselves to be better able to compassionately embrace the suffering of all beings, even though our hearts are heavy with it. There is respite here at the summit, but we are needed, and our lives await us in the valley below.

           Before our return we gather together. We have broken new ground on this climb and we are being asked to acknowledge this in whatever way has meaning for us. In this conscious act of acknowledgement though, it is made known that forgiving and asking for forgiveness initiates us consciously into the healing we seek.

          We come from many spiritual disciplines. This healing path however, is deeply personal and a matter of consciousness, not necessarily of form. To forgive simply takes the desire and the understanding of the necessity to forgive. The spiritual assistance to actualize this and integrate it into our lives follows. But we ask… who are we forgiving?

           Over lifetimes we acquire many layers of unresolved suffering… many layers upon layers. We know that in life there are genuine reasons for sadness or fear. However, when we fall prey to a blinding resistance or anxiety, to negating thoughts or emotions, to extended depression, to continued confusion of fear for small things, to prolonged existential sadness, when we become numb or indifferent under the burden of circumstance, or when we find ourselves empathically reacting to another person’s suffering and making it our own, we can be alerted that there is a possible layer of unresolved trauma lending empathic weight to what is actually happening. It is in this understanding that we can find the strength to respond to present life circumstances with more clarity, more perspective. In more trying situations, we can look here for grounding and courage.

The forgiveness necessary is simply in our own hands…

“We must forgive ourselves

for carrying the weight

of our suffering

for so long”

           Recognizing the intimate closeness of it. The soft spot in the middle of our gut we protect and know so well. The addictions that numb us. The inability to allow ourselves real intimacy with another. Forgiving ourselves we can better understand the difference between bearing witness to suffering with compassion, and carrying suffering as a personal empathic weight.

          We also often carry our unresolved suffering from collective archetypal trauma through many life times, adding layers and complexity to our initial trauma. It is for this reason it is important to understand the necessity of forgiving ourselves for adding to the collective human separation by carrying this suffering through all these lifetimes.

And to whom are we asking forgiveness?

           We are asking forgiveness to life itself and any way that we have diminished life. As we bend low, we ask forgiveness from all beings, from everything in existence, for perceiving of ourselves apart. This asking for forgiveness is a mending. As we heal this also contributes to the healing of the whole and the imbalance caused by this separate human empathic velocity.

         In this conscious act we commit our selves to becoming more present in our bodies, feeling everything, resonant and trusting… and assisting in healing this separation. As we heal the grief and loss of separation we have carried for lifetimes, we find our place in this beautiful world. This world which eternally finds balance in each moment and which simply asks us to open our hearts and to listen…


© Jana H. White

Artist: Hieronymus Bosch “The Garden of Earthly Delights”


The Poetics of Light #18


Empathic Resonance


The beginning of this series starts here


       What does it mean when a collective traumatic situation becomes archetypal? Can we even imagine the magnitude of collective human suffering that created the anomaly of an energetic velocity separate from the whole of life? Considering world events simply during my own life…Yes, I think we can.

           Even if we have lived a relatively unscathed life without experiencing trauma, we’ve all endured profound trauma at some point, and perhaps repeatedly, in our soul’s history. We carry the scars… but we don’t have to go that far in memory. We simply need to be conscious that this is so in order to remain vulnerable, respond to life’s prompts and heal by deepening our self understanding. It is absolutely essential in order to love, to forgive, or to have compassion.

           If we are not responding to life the alternative is that we are ruminating over and preoccupied with some internal wound, ignoring a vulnerability we need to gain the strengths to heal from, or we are using our intelligence to maintain and manipulate the patterns of cause and effect to manage our lives. Our thinking is informed by the collective perception of a progressive time continuum and our behavior by the personally damaging patterns of cause and effect promoted by this perception.

          In any of these activities we are resonating with the archetypes. It’s that simple. We waver on a see-saw between resonance with the archetypes and response to life. However, this does not have to define us. There is an alchemy active in conscious acknowledgement. It is our emerging collective Path of Healing.

          Alice down the rabbit hole…. Beam me up Scotty … Right here. Right now.


          Empathic resonance with the archetypes is an intense, well worn groove eroding the human psyche. Relative to the experience of archetypal trauma itself, this resonance is pervasive enough that when a person experiences an archetypal trauma, it elicits an immediate empathic reaction. The symptomology of possible human reaction has actually remained consistent over centuries and reads as an understandably human reaction to each situational trauma. Feelings of abandonment, despair of recovery and salvation, grief and anxiety, for example, all express the human condition under these circumstances.

           It is how a person moves through their lives under these constraints however, that determines whether their reaction remains empathic or shifts to a spiritually and physically integrating personal response. In a world that teeters violently out of balance, how much more important it is to know ourselves by continually and consciously maintaining a balance of our thoughts and emotions, grounding and centering these aspects of self hood in our bodies. We are literally physical and spiritual tuning forks. Considering all the cultural influences that promote empathy, this balancing in itself assists us in maintaining our connection with life.

           Because of the infinite diversity of human beings, in every traumatic situation it is impossible to determine just when a shift from reaction to response occurs. A general guideline is a person’s response, or lack of response, to both psychological and physical healing. However, as we’ve learned, healing is spiritual and a person’s response in their Path of Healing is not progressive. A person may waver back and forth from reaction to response at any time in their Path of Healing, which leads us to a second reaction category.


           The second category of empathic resonance manifests as a spiritual Crisis as a person fluctuates between empathic reaction and response to life. Due to the uniqueness of human response this is a widely varying state. A Crisis reaction may directly follow Trauma or it may be a delayed reaction. A person may also have a Crisis reaction periodically until healed. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is an example when relative to an archetypal trauma. Trauma and Crisis both have there own symptomology for each of the archetypal traumas.

          A Crisis empathic reaction may also precede or follow the next two psychological empathic reaction categories.

          There are two psychological categories of empathic resonance. They are Masking and Indifference. They are both broad categories and apply generally to all of the archetypal traumas. Masking and Indifference each have their own separate mental and emotional symptomology.


           Here we decidedly see the influence of culture in the promotion of the “separate self” and the adherence to a progressive psychological attitude. A Masking empathic reaction concerns an individual who has experienced an archetypal trauma, or who carries the weight of their unconscious previous life suffering, but who has been unable to heal from their vulnerabilities in this regard.

           It is relevant to note that this is reflective of age and experience. A child in similar circumstances, having experienced an archetypal trauma and having difficulty healing psychologically, would most likely have a Crisis empathic reaction.

           In a Masking empathic reaction a person having difficulty dealing with their vulnerabilities regarding their experience of an archetypal trauma chooses to sublimate them. Instead of acknowledging and working with their vulnerabilities, which would afford them the opportunity of gaining the personal strengths needed to heal psychologically, they choose instead to adopt an alternate persona.

           In doing so, their outward personality generally reflects the alternate persona which they diligently work to protect. Their mental and emotional symptomology is in general kept in the private realm of their lives and follows the patterns of a Masking empathic reaction. There is a broader range of mental and emotional symptomology represented, variable and most often contradictory, to encompass this.

           This masking or sublimating reaction to vulnerabilities, in effect, perpetuates the perception of a separate self. This in turn creates difficulty in effectively balancing thoughts and emotions into an integrated physicality. This condition, if prolonged, tends to obscure the opportunities necessary to resolve and integrate a response to the initial trauma or the inherent vulnerabilities engendered by the soul memory of trauma. It is more possible for there to be a history of chronic illness and, without resolution, the individual tends to be more subject to disease.


           In an Indifference empathic reaction the symptomology can be the most aberrant. In this empathic reaction the person openly rejects opportunities that would lead to an integrated physicality, refusing to heal psychologically, and often choosing to perpetuate situations inimical to life. There is often a history of chronic illness and without the mental and emotional balance afforded by an integrated physicality, the person is more subject to chronic ill health, disease and mental illness.

           Because we are dealing with the relatively fixed symptomology of the patterns of cause and effect, between these two psychological reactions we can see an arc of empathy. One side tips towards the “victims”, whether expressing themselves or remaining silently wounded. Each is a preoccupation. The other side of the arc tips towards the indifferent and the manipulations of the sociopathic, psychopathic personality types, or anyone for that matter who uses their understanding of these patterns for their own purposes, for their own gain. Our expression of empathy is complicated. However it is the psychological empathic arc itself which is static… not the individual. We are not separate from life and the healing inherent in our participation.

           There are also marked differences between Masking and Indifference. In a Masking empathic reaction the individual’s reaction to an archetypal situation is self-contained and may become self-abusive. Whereas in an Indifference empathic reaction the individual’s reaction to life in general is in acting out with violent and aberrant behavior towards themselves and others.

           In these psychologically more complicated empathic states, a Crisis empathic reaction may precede or follow. The combinations are individual and unique and are often confusing in diagnoses. A person in a Masking or Indifference empathic reaction may switch mentally and emotionally to a Crisis state when challenged with deteriorating health and/or disease.

           Since both psychological reactions broadly cover all of the archetypes, when in a Crisis reaction, their mental and emotional symptomology may be indicative of the relevant trauma situation, since Trauma and Crisis share the same archetypal situation. However, it is unfortunately common for an individual to be reacting to more than one archetypal trauma further complicating diagnosis.

           There is a fifth empathic resonance reaction symptomology specifically for those experiencing Autism. It includes both a separate Trauma and Crisis empathic reaction for each archetypal trauma and a psychological Indifference reaction. It does not include a psychological Masking reaction. Also, it should be noted that great care be taken in attempting to define an unknown trauma through the symptomology of Crisis. The person’s Crisis symptomology may simply reflect inherent vulnerabilities rather than current life trauma.

           Understanding empathic resonance takes a dexterous approach. Other than the initial trauma itself, it is possible for a person to waver back and forth between reaction and response and it is impossible to judge when this is actually occurring.

           The clearest route to understanding our relationship with archetypal traumatic experience appears to be simply in acknowledgement and in compassionate practices and therapies that return a person to a fuller presence in their bodies. We can not know what the path of another is. We are all unique, our experiences empathically layered over life times and complicated by the influence of the gravity inherent in the patterns of cause and effect.

           I realize that this is a great deal to absorb, let alone integrate. Dealing with collective consciousness within ourselves is daunting. However, spiritually we have been responding to the emergence of a collective healing path and creating the tools to not only realize, but to actualize culturally collective and even global awareness, which is a powerful initiative for change. Personally, we can participate most effectively by simply doing our own deep work. We are a part of the whole organism of life. Every effort we make towards self-balancing contributes to the whole… 


For as we heal ourselves,

we remove our own traumatic imprint,

thus assisting in healing the collective and

lessening the gravity of empathy



© Jana H. White

Photo: Iceberg … Google Images

The Poetics of Light #17



The Balancing Nature of Light


The beginning of this series starts here


      Round and round, this narrative has spun its web. In the early morning light the dew is capturing infinitesimal prisms…. eyes held in the hands of gods.

           At this point in the narrative it would be best to have already encompassed the elements of this puzzle. In the earlier chapters we were building perceptual comparisons and a common vocabulary. However, if you wish to dive right in, the Principles of Light are the distilled essence and a key to understanding. They can be read here.

           Personally I find the juxtaposed complexities of all we are about to explore mind boggling. This post and the next encompass the most technical aspects of the dialogues. I personally needed the first sentence above to remind me of poetry, story and myth. I haven’t found any other way to lay it all out except mechanically. I feel like a kid in a junkyard imaginatively building a contraption to fly free from gravity. While my main concern remains simply making sure all the wheels turn. With this said… I hope you are able to wade through all the words.

          It also takes some measure of patient unknowing to follow the workings of this vehicle. Take a ride on it in whatever way is uniquely yours… for it seems our route home.


“Illusions are the pathways of resistance

The Healing Paths show the way home

The body manifesting the love of the divine”


      Empathic archetypal memory, which was created through the extremes of collective traumatic human suffering, is not separate from the Continuum of Life. Even though in the vast web of life we are the only ones in resonant participation.

           A logical question arises though. Since Light is the creative principle in every aspect of life, and the holographic nature of Light is ever balancing the whole of itself through the organizing principle of organic nature, how does this principle apply when it concerns a separate anomaly? An anomaly created with apparent velocity in the form of empathy, but without organic substance?

Light creates structure

           We all carry the weight of trauma. In healing from archetypal trauma, whether currently experienced in this life, or as the unconscious psychological weight of our inherent vulnerabilities of unresolved suffering carried in from previous life experience, the reciprocal balancing within the Continuum gives structure to the return of a personal response to life. It is personally unique to each individual and becomes our Path of Healing.

            Our empathic connection, our resonance with the archetypes of trauma however, is pervasive and continually promoted by the culture we live in and a collective perception based in a progressive time continuum. As we learned when exploring culture, our relationship with empathy is an integral aspect of the function of culture. A progressive time continuum, which promotes the patterns of cause and effect, also supports unconscious empathic resonance.

         Contrasting with a perception based in a time continuum, a person’s process through the structure of a Path of Healing is non-linear and not necessarily progressive. Because it is a uniquely personal process, it cannot be measured. It is physical and spiritual integration through a Path of Healing, acquiring it’s personal potential strengths, that returns a person to his or her own personal resonance within the holographic whole, facilitating physical and psychological recovery and healing.

           At any given moment it is also impossible to determine with any certainty where a person is in this process, so there is no empirical system possible for completely accurate diagnosis. For those in the healing professions, the immediacy of compassionate insight, the insights afforded through the entrainment possible with deep listening… all these aspects of relationship are a more useful diagnostic tool.

           A guideline however, in the determination of whether a person is empathically reacting to an archetype or is responding to life, is by their lack of response to psychological healing and/or by complications in recovery when physical recovery is a possibility.

           Empathic reaction or resonance primarily with archetypal memory however, is conditioned by the patterns of cause and effect with a level of generalized consistency. Specifically, in each empathic reaction, the particular archetypal situation acts as a holding pattern having an emotional and/or mental hold on a person’s perception of separate self in a progressive time continuum. This results in recognizable mental and emotional symptomology, regardless of when this occurs historically!

           However, human perception is fluid and uniquely individual, and as stated, cannot be measured. The symptomology is perhaps more relevant as a guideline in the study of the psychology and patterns of archetypal empathic reaction, rather than a list of symptoms through which to filter diagnostic considerations.

           But what does this mean? Here we again return to the “separate self’ and the importance of balancing all preoccupations that interfere with our ability to integrate as physical and spiritual beings. We are literally tuning forks… our bodies resonant with the spiritual intelligence of life. A continual conscious internal balancing affords us the strengths to remain vulnerable, to heal from these patterns of cause and effect attendant to empathic memory that move through our lives. We learn of forgiveness, not only of others, but particularly of ourselves… for our mistakes, our failures to love, our grasping, our fears, our addictions, each moment we have been asleep to our lives. These patterns may have formed us, but they do not define us. With conscious recognition we have the opportunity to mature and despite the patterns that reoccur in our lives we are humbled in our humanness.

           The Paths of Healing, reciprocally resonating at different uniquely personal velocities, give structure for this healing. The more a person resonates with life, the less effected they become by a deterministic cause and effect. Which ever way a person integrates this holistic sense of self, the result is participation in the natural balancing and healing of the whole continuum.


In a holographic continuum, as a person gains the strengths needed to heal through a Path of Healing…

– Reciprocal resonance within the Continuum of Life replaces the progressive perception of Time

– Velocity in communication in an intelligent world replaces empathic memory

– The compassionate holographic memory of light replaces cause and effect


           Even with a common archetypal mental and emotional symptomology however, it is impossible to tell just when a person makes a shift in perception from reaction to response since the process is a non-linear perceptual return to a personal response, rather than empathic archetypal reaction. A person may waver back and forth in their process of healing allowing infinite combinations of reaction and response.

           In understanding the nature of healing we must remember that time is simply a tool of measurement. The essence of healing is spiritual and cannot be measured. The differing states of physical complaint within the human organism… imbalance/balancing, chronic imbalance/chronic balancing… are both indicative of a person’s physical/emotional/mental integration, but are not necessarily progressive. Even if the body succumbs to disease, the advancement of illness still remains individual.

          And so we begin engaging in the intricate, discerning, conscious work of understanding our personal path of healing from our empathic relationship with the collective archetypes of trauma. This  journey on our metaphorical flying ship, a flight out of the unconscious “well” of suffering, has all the elements of epic myth (or science fiction). But as in all myth… this is our story.


© Jana H. White

Photo: “Neurons” An I.O.U. on crediting this beautiful image. I was unable to find the source

The Poetics of Light #16



The Paths of Healing


The beginning of this series starts here


           So here we are… at the metaphorical doorway leading to this vast attendant shadowing realm of traumatic memory. It is a realm however, without physical substance. A realm that we as human beings have created and that we empathically resonate with, simply by being human. It is a realm resonant with the archetypal suffering of lost souls and unresolved suffering.

           A realm which is intangible but which elicits a wide variety of the darkest images. A realm that throughout our history has provided the scenario for all manner of artistic genre and exploration as well as classic myths. A realm with the esoteric illusion of manipulative or healing power, depending on which side of the arc of empathy is the focus. A realm that has also elicited religious and cultural superstitions, strict taboos, petitions, prayers for lost souls, and threats of eternal punishment. Currently, it seems to be a realm that is generally ignored by intelligent educated people and considered the imaginative fodder of popular culture. While at the same time continues to be intoxicating to the masses for purposes of entertainment.

           I’ve randomly chosen a few examples of our widely varied relationship with this shadowing realm. It is odd how we’ve danced around our relationship over the centuries without any clear idea of what we are actually in relationship with. I can only think that in what ever way acknowledgement has manifested, it has served its own purpose.

           Even with trusted assistance, I’ve personally spoken of my own resistance navigating in this archetypal realm. For our purposes here, the intention is also clarity… but not to map or explore… for even utilizing the word “realm” is a metaphor of convenience.

           We are still comparing two perceptual paradigms. A realm without physical substance can not be objectively defined nor its complex and shifting parameters understood despite the repetitive patterns of cause and effect that we customarily impose as a grid for reference. It still exists within the Continuum of Life. Alternately, the Continuum of Life is based in relationship… mutable, compassionate, dynamic, and with creative action immediate upon acknowledgement.

           Our purpose here is to bring light into our own beings, illuminating our relationship with empathic memory. Our relationship with trauma has become empathically archetypal. What this means is that our relationship with this incomprehensible empathic realm is directly relative to our ability to heal… not only ourselves but reciprocally within the Continuum of Life..

           In order to accomplish this illumination we enter a world of quantum complexity as we compare the differences between the two different paradigms of perception under consideration. We explore the very nature of healing within the Continuum of Life in the Paths of Healing. In doing this we can better understand the importance of addressing our inherent vulnerabilities and the extraordinary personal necessity of healing the separation of “self” by continually balancing our thoughts and emotions into an integrated physicality.


In every situation,

a person’s responsive resonance

within the Continuum of Life,

their recognition of wholeness,

facilitates healing.

For healing is a natural process

as Divine Nature,

through physical nature as organizing principle,

maintains balance within the Continuum.

In a holographic continuum,

through personal integrated response

in a Path of Healing,

as a person heals in reciprocal resonance

within the holographic whole,

this resonance not only facilitates personal healing,

but also reciprocally

throughout the entire Continuum.


           In this narrative I have organized what I learned in the dialogues in a way that I hope, not only aids in grasping all that was conveyed, but lends some assistance in at least cautioning against some of the spiraling holes I fell into while personally engaged in the dialogues. This is not easy material to encompass or integrate. We are conditioned by our perception just as much as we are drawn by our hearts.

            While learning about the Paths of Healing it became clear that when considerable numbers of human beings are in a collective empathic archetypal reaction at any one time consistently, the reciprocal effect on the biological and ecological systems of the whole may be deeply effected. This is simply a matter of cause and effect which extends beyond our species. Wars, for example, generate deprivation, deprivation encourages pestilence and epidemics, irresponsibility and indifference towards the natural world encourages impoverished and unbalanced ecosystems. All of these in turn generate the possibility of consistent collective archetypal situations.

           And so it was personally at this point in the dialogues, in discussing how our actions have effected the whole, that I began to have trouble. I felt the panic of looking at things through the usual lens of cause and effect despite all I’d learned about the immediacy of relationship. The stacks and stacks of aberrant symptomology we’d compiled swirled in my head and troubled my heart. It all seemed so humanly familiar. The images of Aids and crack babies, climate change and gun violence invaded my perspective. All my spiritual practice went out the window as I started measuring how archetypal the world had become due to indifference towards the overwhelming effects of personal trauma, the ever increasing ecological changes, the wars and violence continually engaged in.

           Since the world seems particularly fragile and unstable, it is easy to become lost in these ruminations. My thoughts and emotions flew about wildly and I began to find communication in the dialogues more and more problematic as I held on to images of family and friends to ground me whenever opening in dialogue. This of course broke the rules but I was becoming more and more unstable in maintaining concentration. I was overwhelmed, exhausted and tumbling out of balance.

          I‘ve been continually learning though, that our personal responsibility is in maintaining our own balance no matter what is presented. Breathe! With continued practice each day, I recognize more fully that when I maintain a physical and spiritual integration by consciously working to be mentally and emotionally balanced within myself, by passionately doing my own deep work, this is when I am open to insight and the relative intelligence of the whole, with assurance and trust that I have the capacity to understand what ever may pertain to my part in it all.

           Holding close the teaching that the Need to Know and the Need to Save obscure Truth, I resonate with the holographic capacity of the memory of Light and it’s innate ability in balancing the whole. Where conscious creative action in relationship in an intelligent world is immediate and not subject to the machinations and time constraints of cause and effect.

           So in the very heart of poetry, in writing and sharing this narrative, and in relationship with all beings… I continue to listen.



© Jana H. White

Artist: Stephen De Staebler

The Poetics of Light #15



The Memory of Light


The beginning of this series starts here


       We are intimately known and compassionately held in the memory of light. How extraordinary!

              It has been proposed in this narrative that we are juggling between two collective perceptual paradigms, two ways of perceiving life that encourage us to participate in very different ways. And now a third consideration is being introduced.

           The Archetypes, though generally subliminal, hold enough weight to be considered a perceptual influence even to the extent that we have created our own separate resonant connection with them in the form of empathy.

           Light is ever present though, in everything that exists… balancing within itself. We have in all ways been a part of this. Bountiful stars… !

           As we face into this mystery we surrender our Need to Know and our Need to Save by trusting in life itself, but more specifically by passionately following our own personal Path of Healing. By continually balancing our own thoughts and emotions into a spiritually integrated physicality we align with Light, recognizing we are Light within ourselves, and in this way assist in the healing of this separate human archetypal realm of deep suffering, denial and indifference.


I want to thank everyone who has been following this series for your participation and deep listening… for helping to make these words come alive. After the New Year we will delve deeper into the Paths of Healing… the nature of healing within the Continuum of Light. But for now…

I wish you the blessings of the season… and the celebration of the return of light in whatever way or custom you observe! …. love, Jana


Listen to the birds

     They know how to sing”



© Jana H. White

Artist: Vincent VanGogh

The Poetics of Light #14



The Dark Earth of our Being


The beginning of this series starts here


      Now with the Principles of Light, I had a viable vocabulary and a new unifying language to draw from. All the seemingly random aspects of archetypal perception began to fall into a complex discordant pattern. For our purposes here we begin simply, with how they originated and what they are, for the archetypes of traumatic experience are a human creation.

           To unravel the complexities of archetypal perception takes a far reaching patience and a self-nurturing heart. Just like the tending of a seed as it grows, we place this seed into the dark earth of our beings and enter the mystery.


“Opening the veil

Seeing the patterns…

Trees growing tall block the sun.

A lone seedling emerging needing strong roots

Digging deeper to find them”


          As I was building and piecing together the random parts of this puzzle, I recalled our early work in the dialogues which had focused on how human perception has shifted collectively to a progressive time oriented perception. Of how our aggressive cultural determination and inclination towards hierarchical structure upholds and reinforces the patterns of cause and effect.

          I considered the species hierarchy that has been cultivated and continues to be maintained creating our belief that we have an absolute physical and spiritual dominion over nature. I considered the human inclination to think of ourselves abstractly as observers rather than direct participants, with intellectual curiosity but also with an agenda. Of how this perceptual time orientation encourages us to measure our relationships with respect to everything outside of ourselves… often including our most intimate relationships. Of how this collective perception fosters and reinforces alienation and separation, not only from the rest of the intelligent life we coexist with, but also personally within ourselves. How as our cultures developed and our populations grew, in a desire to secure a predictable future, we have too frequently been subject to a violent and manipulative history, particularly within our own species but also towards everything that might serve our purposes in the natural world.


“The garden is overgrowing

with fresh blood flowing”


           In the dialogues we now discussed how this perception, based on the progressive perception of time rather than a perception based in relationship, led to extreme acts against life. How systematically within our own species, through wars, genocide, deprivation and actions of hatred, violence, greed and indifference, there have been long periods when incomprehensible numbers of human beings have collectively experienced a common trauma consistently, often throughout the entire duration of their lives.

          This great collective human suffering without benefit of healing, all encompassing beyond personal endurance, beyond seeming redemption due to the indoctrination of separation, the consistency of this collective human suffering itself created the archetypes of human traumatic experience.

          The magnitude of this collective traumatic suffering was dominant enough within the Continuum to form archetypes of traumatic experience that remain attendant only to the human frequency. Empathy is our memory of, but also our empathic connection with the velocity of the archetypes of traumatic experience held in our species frequency.  Our empathic sense developed for the sole purpose of encompassing this relationship.

          In this period of our history there are seven different human archetypes of traumatic experience. Together and combined they encompass the history of the collective suffering of mankind. Since we are consistently violent within our own species, in this one act we created the initial archetype… a person who has been injured by another human being.

           Our consistent history of violence, our adherence to a perceptual time continuum, and the cause and effect imbalance this continually promotes within the Continuum of Life, have all created the conditions for the addition of six other archetypal situations. Together they are…


A person who has been injured by another human being.

A person who has been sexually abused.

A person who is living in harsh conditions inimical to life.

A person who has experienced a life threatening physical condition.

A person who has experienced an epidemic disease.

A person who has been injured in a natural disaster or weather related incident.

A person who has inherited a life altering condition or disease at birth.


           The archetypes themselves, in their infinite variety of possible personal expression are however, without physical structure. It is perhaps because the archetypes are without physical structure that our relationship with them has remained shadowed. We are aware of this relationship though. This depth of traumatic memory permeates our experience. We have simply given it other names, other faces, and a wide variety of other expressions. We create art, movies, stories, myths, cultural taboos and spiritual/religious counterparts to give definition to our intuitive understandings.

           Although our relationship with the archetypes is most relevant concerning the archetypal traumas incurred in our every day lives, it is compounded by our empathic memories of unresolved traumatic experience that manifests initially as the inherent vulnerabilities we are born with. Here a paradox arises. Within the Continuum of Life existence itself and creative relevancy resides in the present moment. How is it then possible to remain vulnerable to unconscious unresolved trauma that was experienced in another time? How are we able to bring in the memories of unresolved suffering from another life? And since this is generally unconscious, what can we be expected to do about it?

          Within the Continuum, everything that exists has equal value. The integral and operative expression of this equality is compassion. Since Light has total memory of itself in existence within the infinite variety of its manifest forms in both structure and velocity, and reciprocally maintains a balancing within itself, the reciprocal resonance within the holographic whole is relative to the inherent strengths within the archetypes.


“Each moment within the Continuum holds no measure.

We ourselves

filter our past unresolved unconscious memories

through the lens of active perception

until healed.”


          The uniquely personal strengths inherent in the archetypes are acquired by responding to life in each moment rather than empathically reacting to the cause and effect patterns of the archetypes. Even without knowing the details of our past archetypal suffering, life gives us every opportunity to acquire the strengths needed, if when we are the most vulnerable we are present to the insights afforded by trusting in resonant relationship.

           It is truly an act of courage since the world continues to be active and subject to the negative and fear based reinforcement of the patterns of cause and effect. Since this includes an ingrained indifference to the suffering of others, our fears may be based realistically in the reality of our situation compounding our vulnerabilities or in adding and layering new traumatic challenges. The insights afforded by a personal response, rather than reaction to a threat, assists us in navigating these more turbulent waters.

           As empathy matures we are motivated instead by personal resilience as we witness and experience the persistence of violence that we are exposed to daily… without turning away. We become participants in a conscious, compassionate perceptual revolution. 

          Through this response we are then able to acquire the strengths needed to be fully present no mater what this asks of us… and gaining these strengths? This becomes our Path of Healing.



© Jana H. White

Photo:  © LeDoux Provosty

The Poetics of Light #13





The beginning of this series starts here


             Through the strangeness and my own flickering resistance, a wisp of light burned slow as the flame held steady and I could see we had now come to the heart of our work in the dialogues. For the next three years I became immersed in an attempt to understand the archetypes and our singular human relationship with them. My initial introduction to the archetypes had been a challenging and an uncomfortably visceral experience. I would soon understand that our explorations would demand everything from me and remain personally experiential, a necessary condition in order to understand the vast empathic realm were were exploring. It was inevitable that I would witness my own soul’s history. For it was said that the soul is simply the memory of our own personal and multi-layered song of suffering.


“Becoming human

is poetry without words

a poem about suffering the song of self.

Each person carries their own harmony or dissonance.

In the Continuum

it is all the same song”


          The archetypal traumas themselves were not defined. It wasn’t until the end of the dialogues that I was asked to give name to them from my own being.  At this point in our work it was once again reiterated that each archetype had within it inherent vulnerabilities and acquired strengths, which brought into context our earlier discussions concerning reincarnation. We talked again about the memories of unresolved archetypal trauma that we bring with us into our current life to be healed. Since this is generally unconscious, it manifests as an emotional and/or mental inclination that has the possibility of adding a mental and/or emotional weight to our life’s challenges. It was here that the difference between reaction and response was emphasized and became an important distinction.

          we then began randomly compiling the emotional and mental symptoms relevant to archetypal trauma. The symptomology itself was reflective of the reactions a person might have when experiencing archetypal trauma and were eventually broken down into the categories of reaction to the trauma itself, a crisis state, a masking state and an indifference state, while also from the perspective of an infant or child, a teen, or an adult where relevant.  For the next few years this became the bulk of our work.

          It was difficult not to be effected by the symptoms themselves, particularly the aberrations of the empathic state of indifference. Their order was randomly arranged, continually shifted around, added to, deleted, and never categorized until the very end of the dialogues. It was a long, strange and very arduous process, but this way of learning was a blessing since I found that I was deeply effected by my own relationship with traumatic experience and our empathic relationship with archetypal energy.

          Triggered by the work itself, I was able to receive validation of the layers of my own past life unresolved trauma. Far from an abstract acknowledgement, since this is embodied memory, it was interesting that my awareness of these traumas came only when a relevant memory was surfacing. This aspect of myself became very real as a memory rose more clearly to the surface of consciousness. For the most part they appeared as layered vignettes with only fragments of specific detail that I was asked to witness, but I was becoming more adept at recognizing their surfacing and in seeing how they wove through my life coloring my experience, a more subtle but more relevant revelation. Their gravity created an emotional and multi-layered labyrinth. Since this is embodied memory, the breath of remembered trauma is quite real and easily overwhelming. I was able to receive confirmation of this process, and since it was from a source I trusted implicitly, this grounded and steadied the process accelerating my understanding of both myself and a necessary aspect of understanding the many complexities of our work.

          At the same time it was inevitable that I would need to further address my relationship with traumatic experience relative to the physical and sexual abuse, and the resulting PTSD, I have personally experienced in this life. One day while working, after months of the work of compiling random symptomology, it was startling and frankly exhilarating to list and organize a long length of symptoms from my own being without conscious thought. The work became flesh and bone real. It was an odd juxtaposition of known… and unknown.




“Becoming human

We engage the velocity of light”


       As what seemed like a finale to our work together in understanding human perception and archetypal traumatic experience, I was finally led through a clarifying insight. In order to assist our own explorations, I feel it is best to introduce this beautiful insight here … at the beginning of our attempts in understanding the complexities of archetypal perception.

           Perhaps this insight is a spiritual metaphor that acts like a map or a compass, a way to comprehend the inexplicable tailored to my own level of comprehension. But then, everything I’ve learned continues to illuminate that all physical life, all energy, embodies and exhibits a spiritual intelligence. Metaphor, map or compass, it still became and continues to be the key to understanding all that was explained in the dialogues.

           That quiet afternoon in July, I felt I had reached the top of a high mountain after an arduous climb. As I made that last step over the rise the insight was simply there, present and unfolding like a flower hovered over by ardent bees. It was a still point of osmosis and pure exhaustion. I felt as I must have felt being born. It was my first introduction to the Principles of Light.


“The waiting is over

The next step is containing yourself

Beholding the truth is sacred”


In the Continuum of Life energy is self-contained and manifests as frequency, which is light.

Light has both form…structure

And movement…velocity.

All manifestations of light in the Continuum share a self contained species frequency of structure and velocity. As human beings we share a common human frequency. Within this species frequency we have a physical structure and personal velocity.

Light is the motivating principle of everything in manifestation within the Continuum. Light has memory and is holographic. It maintains the memory of the totality of the existence of its manifest forms. Thus life, in all its forms, in turn manifests this intelligence.

This all encompassing memory is continually in attendance, potentializing and maintaining itself in each moment. In this way Light is holographic.

The natural order of relationship in a holographic continuum is reciprocal.

Structure is the infinitely diverse expression of every manifestation in the Continuum.

Velocity is the means of communication in a spiritually intelligent world.

Velocity in structure is resonant relationship.

Light potentializing within structure and velocity creates infinitely diverse species frequencies communicating in reciprocal resonance.

These conditions of light… to be both a particle and a wave, to have total memory of itself in existence within the infinite variety of its manifestations in substance and velocity, and to reciprocally maintain a balancing within itself, is the nature of the holographic Continuum of Life.

Within the holographic whole, each expression of light in structure and velocity finds reciprocal resonance.


          I was filled with an indescribable elation, poised and resonating in the nucleic center of birthing. The words of the final principle resounding through my entire being. “Within the holographic whole, each expression of light in structure and velocity finds reciprocal resonance”.

         The insight culminating in these simple words “finds reciprocal resonance” dispelled the burden of hierarchy, dissolved the tension of the consequences of cause and effect, balanced the fermenting chaos as empathic connection reinforces personal pain. We are not in exile. We never have been….


“Trust is the radiant child birthed

as the masculine (Yang) actions of humankind

and the feminine (Yin) responsiveness of nature

intertwine in complimentary reciprocal creation

in a spiritually intelligent world.”


           With synaptic speed I had experienced a synergistic understanding and I realized that the Principles of Light presented a structure that lit up a once impenetrable darkness. I was a weed in the cracks of a concrete sidewalk growing in its light as it illuminated the possibility of understanding all we’d been working on.


“Bountiful stars”



© Jana H. White

The series will continue in two weeks on Sunday, December 4th

The Poetics of Light #12



The Well


The beginning of this series starts here


      I don’t think I’ve ever believed in Hell as a condition of everlasting punishment, even when schooled in its physical existence as an impressionable child. Intellectually I understood the concept of Hell as a psychological or religious metaphor. However, I found that the image of Hell as a “place persisted in my consciousness.

          In the dialogues it seemed we had concluded our discussions of Time and Culture and now there was a bit of a hiatus. I had been especially interested in the discussion of empathy. I had experienced the psychological and spiritual aftermath of rape trauma and the resultant vulnerable empathic condition of having permeable personal boundaries. I often felt an uncontrollable porosity when around other people, overly sensitive to everyone’s empathic inclinations and unable to tell if these empathic tendencies were conscious or unconscious. It could be overwhelming and although I had healed from the worst of this, empathy was of great interest to me. Understanding the various ways it culturally manifested added clarity to the variety of my experience, although it also brought up further unanswered questions. Considering empathy’s negative manifestations, I also found it inauspicious that empathy was attributed solely to humans. However, this also somehow qualified my own experience.

           Then one afternoon while opening once again in resonant communication, I was asked to envision what metaphorically appeared to me to be an immense constructed earthen well. It was deep, vast, airless and with the stillness of complete emptiness. Then I saw a picture of a person in a symbolic scene. It was a visual story with few elements, but where every aspect held meaning. When I “returned” from this “well” I was asked to recall what I’d seen in detail, and then I was told that I’d experienced a human archetype.

           Over the next four months I was asked to view this “well” many more times while in resonant communication. Each time I saw a different scene, another symbolic archetype. Between sessions I’d feel immense resistance. I couldn’t place my reservations in any context. It was just a feeling of profound apprehension. I would deal with my reservations and then return to the work. The only information I was given was that each scene was an archetype relative to human beings. Each of the archetypes had within it inherent vulnerabilities and acquired strengths.

           While viewing the archetypes, the rules I was to follow became more strict. Gone were the meandering observations concerning Culture and Time. There were new procedures about asking questions that were relative only to myself and these questions were discouraged. My focusing abilities were challenged, my concentration sharpened. New prayers were added and repeated more often. Every move was refined in seriousness.

           I was to be in an almost entirely responsive posture now. The trust I’d been building was the ground I stood on and in this vastness I felt unsure of its capacity to hold me in place. In the dialogues I had become used to a simple introduction to whatever material we’d be working on each time I’d open in resonant communication, but now I was to simply to be present without any idea of what we were actually working on. The testing also increased in both occurrence and subtlety.

          We began by discussing archetypes. In my work as an artist I have often been fascinated by visual archetypal designs and symbols used by different cultures. I respond to them as a universal language…. a form of visual poetry. Archetypes have also become standard in psychological, cultural and spiritual myths and systems of exploring the human psyche. I could see that archetypes are a broad category. Were we talking about the hero, the scapegoat, the savior archetypes that we spoke of when exploring Time and Culture? Or were we referring to the myths and the stories that inform us? The Fool, the Serpent in the Garden, the Trickster Coyote? If these are branches of the archetypal tree, I was now being asked to dig deeper into the roots.

          The archetypes we were addressing were not simply stories we collectively tell ourselves that eventually, over time, become the fabric of our cultural or spiritual considerations. These archetypes were deeper… more like skin. To be as intimate as skin, an archetype would have to hold more than just story. Our skin is experiential in every sense. It is our largest sensing organ. Individual cells make up the structure of skin. Cells replicate, they know their purpose, cells are in relationship with other cells. They have memory. These archetypes encompassed both personal experience and memory.

          But what of my own conditioning? The stories of Hell I remembered from childhood that created the assumption that this well was a place? For indeed, the intensity of my apprehension towards the archetypes I was witnessing called to mind a kind of hell. This storied archetype of Hell continued to color my understanding, keeping me from clearly seeing that the “well” where these archetypes existed is not a place…


This “well” is an embodied empathic memory.



© Jana H White

Artist: Hieronymous Bosch


The Poetics of Light #11





The beginning of this series starts here


       We have been introduced to the idea that as human beings, we have collectively created an alternate human perception based on a progressive time continuum. This in turn has created a collective perceptual separation from the Continuum of life… the original paradigm of creation. With culture as its vehicle, this separation runs through a broad range of cultures. However, despite any cultural differences, it is inevitable that as human beings we personally interact with both perceptual paradigms. This leaves us to wrestle with the conundrum that on a day to day basis we are actually interacting with two different collective perceptual paradigms that define awareness. Hmmmmm…..

           Even as infants we are confronted with the inherent separation created by this perceptual duality. Not only are we born with the vulnerabilities of traumatic experience brought in with us from past incarnations to heal, but as infants we are also born with the cognizance of the Continuum of Life. We have the intrinsic ability to perceive a world of multiple intelligences having an innate capacity to experience each new form of life we encounter with the simple understanding that we are being reciprocally acknowledged. Be it by an animal, a plant, or an energy like sunlight or wind, it can be sensed that what is perceived is very different from us, but there is a naturally reciprocal acknowledgement. We experience the sentient reciprocal relationship of pure experience.

           As we mature, whether it is relative to tribe, village or nation, our perception becomes complicated by many cultural influences. There is much to inform us as to who we are, and where our place is, but for many it remains primarily relative to the human fabric of existence. Within this perspective, particularly in “advanced” cultures, there has also grown a parallel tendency, continually reinforced by cultural consensus, to give individual definition to mental, emotional, spiritual and physical selves.

           We may even have preferences as to which self we most identify with. Encouraged by each different strata of culture we may see ourselves as intellectuals or scholars. Or we may relate to the emotional life of the senses or of human drama and circumstance. We may allow our spiritual paths to define us, affording us specified filters. We may feel we “drive our bodies around like cars”, or conversely, the shape or condition of our bodies becomes an emotional calling card. On the other hand, and particularly relative to gender, certain aspects of culture tend to sublimate whole elements of the separated self. These are only a few general examples, but in many ways, we have become culturally habituated to regard our bodies as merely a vehicle.

          There is little, if anything, in our current view to substantiate the sentient experience of an infant, that human perception is a reciprocal physical and spiritual relationship in a spiritually intelligent world. Suggesting that our first perceptual impressions are proof that perception is a reciprocal relationship seated in the physical is an inadequate position relative to hundreds of years of consensus agreement that we are a species apart because of the “superiority” of our mental and emotional capacity. Our predisposition towards a singular or dominant “self” reinforces this persuasion.

          The concept that perception is not only seated in the physical but is also a reciprocal relationship may also be especially difficult to encompass in the worldview where mastery of a separate element of the individual “self” is highly considered. How can perception, which seems more rare, more refined than the mere physicality of the body bypass both the mental and emotional powerhouses to be seated in our most vulnerable “attribute” … our bodies?

          In some instances we are even counseled to spiritually deny the body and its inherent sensuous/sentient nature entirely. As we so implicitly understood as an infant though, perception itself is neither mentally seated nor emotionally promoted. Perception is simply the physical and spiritual embodiment of reciprocal relationship.



through all of our senses

is the physical activity

of being in relationship

in each new moment

Rather than a mental or emotional state

of applied

measuring of observation.”


          Held within the whole of life, our most intimate personal responses are inseparable from our physicality. The balancing of our mental and emotional natures is imperative and our most relevant responsibility. One doesn’t arrive at this balancing as a static accomplishment though. There are no short cuts or degrees. Nor can it be fabricated by applying a persona of equilibrium. It requires a daily ongoing effort and an acceptance of the personal vulnerability this requires.

           In the practice of this continual balancing however, we are afforded the opportunities to actualize a physical and spiritual integration that is a nonlinear maturing. It doesn’t follow a time line, even though we recognize certain age specific milestones.


“It is also personally unique to each individual

and absolutely cannot be measured.

At any given age, in any given moment,

a person has the potential to experience

physical and spiritual integration,

and does so over and over throughout their lifetime,

in moments that may be subtle or profound. “


          As we walk the tight rope between two paradigms of perception, the continual balancing of our mental and emotional natures derives simply from a conscious acknowledgement of the need to do so. In dire situations our attempts are the substance of courage. It is the most basic contribution we can make to our own personal healing and, since we are intrinsically part of the whole of life, reciprocally to that of the world we live in.


“Through the cultivation of insight, self knowledge

and an integrated self,

the perception of a separate self shifts to one of wholeness,

as a personal mental and emotional balance is continually maintained

and the dynamics of physical perception are understood.

This process engenders a shifting of perception towards wholeness,

not only within the self, but also an integrity within the

Continuum of Life. “


We’ve been shaking the rafters …. now we bring down the walls.



©Jana H. White

Artist: Tarisse King