Practical religion



I have a small shrine outside my bedroom doorway. Every time I pass the shrine I know I’m praying. Sometimes my eyes glance to the side as I pass. Most often I can keep moving. Then there are the times I stop and I bow my head. Or sometimes I have to raise my arms up high.  It all depends on how much I have to say.

Also … I  start the day with a really good breakfast and when I get down to the end,  I always leave the last bite for the garbage gods.

I definitely give the neighborhood trees my allegiance … nothing overt … I just make sure I look up as I pass. And I’ve started to pick up any litter I find in the alley.

As you can see,  I try to spread my religion throughout the whole week. When I pass people on the sidewalk, I look them in the eyes to see if they see me. If they do I’ll smile. Otherwise we can stay invisible. I show respect.

Sundays are different.  It’s not because it’s religion. They’re looser. I admit, it’s a little hard if I’m lonely because then it would really be nice to have someone to tighten things up. But usually everything’s great. And I don’t need to pray on Sundays. It’s a free day.


artist: Mitsi:b