Brain lights

Heart upended

sight suspended







Migraine auras. They’d come in sequences of three days, lasting for about twenty minutes each time. Just the auras. Not the headaches. For the most part.

Crossing a bridge, the pungent smell of rosemary, walking away from the house…the  triggers were identifiable. 

It’s been a few years now since the perpetuating upheaval of estrangement. No more auras. They were a physicality of the moment.

The heart in the picture is new and looks like it comes from a teenage notebook. Most definitely.

I added the edges surrounding the heart, cut from an old sketch book where I’d drawn the auras.

Glued together

I look at this picture

as an old tattoo on my

perfectly elastic body 

absorbing the sun in the salt spray.


I’m a sailor

in the sea of love.