All around

  the long bones of the trees

raise small green prayer flags

from their roots

of  winter solace


Signals humming in the first spring wind

“There are so many lost in their own momentum”


There is an urgency

as the intrepid green shoots

attend to the living word




As everything cycles new in the next few months, my activities surround the season. I’ll be lending my hands, my arms, my back, my muscles, my eyes and my ears where needed.  My softer parts and all my bones go along for the ride. …giddy with enthusiasm.

I’ll also be germinating the next set of audio broadcasts. The seeds have been planted. I am immeasurably grateful to everyone who listened and lent their own thoughts … such beauty….you have my heart….

I’m learning trust in so many ways

opening like a flower

in a field of wild light



Artist: Paul Klee

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  1. Reblogged this on The Mirror Obscura and commented:
    J. H. White is a woman/person to be taken seriously in her quest for self-actualization and her poetry. Please! Please! Direct your “Likes” and comments to her blog show she sees your interest and support. >KB


    • Thank you Steven…The image originated from looking out at the passing landscape on a long bus trip to Fort Dix to see a friend before he was shipped off during the Vietnam war. I guess the image stuck with me since then…but without connotations of that late winter ride long ago. An image transformed…


  2. You are quite talented. I’m not usually one to read much on WP as I prefer photography but I do like your writing. Thank you for the likes on my blog. Think I’ll follow yours.


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