Neon New Year


                                               Facing the window overlooking the garden

                                               I am blindfolded,

                                               a veil over my eyes.

                                               Taken into this darkest of rooms, I wonder

                                               If I am blindfolded…how am I seeing in this darkness?

                                               My heart has been opened

                                               There is no ground underfoot.

                                               No chair to settle in.

                                               Up ahead in the intimacy

                                               I witness light

                                               flashing like neon gas

                                               through colored tubes.

                                               Road signs in a seemingly endless well…

                                               The path home.

I have had a bit of experience traveling in the unconscious. Of course it wasn’t possible without assistance. The thing to realize is that this assistance is the nature of reality…the reciprocal help is right here, right now for each of us.

There is a great deal of precedence to separate ourselves from this reality. Cultures that captivate us, religions that insist on reaping heavenly rewards, sure fire future oriented calculations to follow…the list is seemingly endless.  I used to think it was an inbred, agreed upon collective consensus to do everything possible to insure the future. 

Now I understand that this collective tendency is also that we’ll do anything to avoid pain.

As a scout developing a road map of the human unconscious I’d like to pass on some general guidelines I’ve found helpful. I fully understand that each of us is unique. This means that the steps taken are unique to each of us. The consolation is that we’re all on the road together. I’m sharing what’s been helpful to me….you fill in the details if it resonates with you.

My first guideline is to just show up. This is more difficult than it sounds. To be truly present to life I find is an act of great courage.

The second is trusting that assistance is relationship with the unknown. Acknowledgement is relationship. It is simple but essential. Also tricky. We’ve been conditioned to name everything to give it validity. How do you name the unknown? Staying open to inspiration without having to name it,  or condense it to a manageable comfortable size? I’ve given this a lot of thought. When we name something… we separate from it. Naming places us as an observer, in time, and reactive to cause and effect. Elemental physics understands there is no such thing as an observer.

Not naming has been one of the first steps in shifting this paradigm of separation.

Full commitment to the journey, being cognizant of words and language. Being present. Keeping my eyes open so I don’t float away. Creating a space everyday for this spiritual discipline. Better yet…opening and closing my day with it until it becomes me.

Keep showing up and not naming.

When things get going and I need to slow things down a bit…I know that I can. An island of respite will appear even if it’s only a great night’s sleep.

Trusting life. It no longer seems like an experiment. It’s become an adventure in the heart of the world.


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9 responses

  1. Thank you for this articulate, sensitive piece. My eyes have welled up from your gentle and generous gift. I am glad for you that your hard work and courage and openness have brought you insight and am grateful that you are so kind to share. Not naming-so hard for some of us who’ve clung to that rock that will only sink us….peace


  2. There is a subtle cadence in getting to really know someone else, you know? And I’m so enjoying being invited into each of our intimate worlds, and today being able to share this with you , Sirena. Peace to you and yours as well.


    • I can tell, Ted, looking at your drawings….your lines, the colors, meander through and around space, splat here, caress there, round that corner…whoa…hang that angle. Thanks for meeting me, bringing me back here. Exactly what I need tonight… xxxooo

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      • I can tell, that you have been ‘there’. I thought upon this today.. I know how to see, but musically, do I HEAR or am I just picking chords, structures, naming the sound, ya know? What would be the intuitive way to make sound?

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        • I don’t know, Ted, music is a world I only appreciate. But as a musician, I would bet your body knows the answer to this. I know when I free form dance, and am totally absorbed in the music, it’s surprising to be able to follow the music’s every shift and turn without ever hearing it before. There is no thought in it, no conscious “moves”. Just movement in sync with the music. Like some kind of weird mathematics of resonance. I suppose it’s something like jamming. I’m putting in a request to be a musician next time around. It would be worth coming back for…

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          • Wow, thank you!!! That is it!!! I kept thinking that the tonal system and all that structure, is limiting. You have only so many notes, right? When I draw, I have an almost unlimited range of color..SO, the body in music, how it feels, the muscle memory pulls you in like a locomotive when made. Easy easy, get locked into the groove..

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