Again I woke earlier than you this morning.

Opening the blinds in the next room

I stood there watching the sun move closer

a lover traveling through glass spun from sand


The floor was still cold under my bare feet from the night I wanted to

lift myself into the air and dive back down

splashing into the ocean of our bed

making waves of spice and salt and substance

But for some reason I hesitated…

If I laid down next to you

I was struck with the thought that I’d witness your dreams fading

as you turned and opened your eyes.

I didn’t want to chance what I’d see.

And I knew

I’m growing too used to your rambling distances as you angle into a place

further and further away

But who am I to say you’re lost except to me

even intimacy closes certain doors


Too often  though you prefer to face the wall

While I ? well

Standing here watching you sleep like this

I know now I’m turning towards the sun



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    • As Shimon above says…”intimacy moves like the tides” … and you find your way back to each other over and over again. It’s those deeper currents that sometimes finally shift the tides. You wake up and find you are in different oceans.


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