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  1. There is something otherworldly about this piece, Jana. I remember as a child watching a film with men walking on the seabed in these huge and cumbersome suits and helmets. I was fearful for them.


  2. This brought back an image from my childhood, either a film or photograph, of men in cumbersome boots and oversized bodysuits and huge helmets. I was always fearful of the airline breaking. Wonderful words and image.


  3. Love your drawing Jana. These ‘haiku’ or ‘tanka’ like pieces work perfectly with the image. The white space around the drawings and the words makes it seem…like thought…or consciousness…arriving.


    • This drawing thing, Steven….It’s another incredible ‘room’ to play in…to find windows and doors to all the puzzles presenting themselves. You draw images and they answer back. Thank you for all the inspiration…!


  4. I love the poem and the drawing. But something about the drawing won’t let go. Is she looking out to the sea from within, or inside from out in the sea? Either way, it’s dreamy and gorgeous.


  5. Coming from someone who has lived on a boat, your question Deborah, is as haunting as the image was in my imagination before trying to capture it visually….pulling it out to look at it closer. It’s such a good question, Deborah… and so relevant. Thank you for this…


  6. The troubling and sad expression of confined perception. Love the words and image Jana. Been reading some of your other posts. I find them to be intriguing and mystically deeply attractive.


    • Thank you, Don. I’m glad you are finding something here. You may want to have a look at the comment above yours. Deborah added an intriguing twist to the image.
      Which side of the glass is the person on?

      I’m rarely sure what meaning an image has for me ( even if I ‘think’ I do) They tend to work on me afterwards…..making connections I have yet to see…. words I’m a little more sure of, but images….usually have layers for me to unravel.

      I look forward to reading more of your posts!…Jana


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