Pencil Noir #7

” There is no route out of the maze. The maze shifts as you move through it, because it is alive.” ….Philip K. Dick



I’ve returned from traveling on the dark side of the mountain. I was never really (completely) lost. It did require entering the mountain to find my way out though, as the mountains began to float away.

While underground I made steps through the dark tunnels trusting a lighted candle. Finally I came upon an immense cavern and there I found a working head lamp, a pencil and a passage to the open air.

The moon’s light cast long shadows as I swam towards shore. Floating on my back, I sent it kisses. Digging in the sand at the shoreline I looked for wave washed shells to tell me their secrets. Before continuing on my way along a phosphorescent passage of singing shells.

Now I am here retrieving my poethead. And finding rhythm in the alchemy of the virtual heart.


Pencil drawing by j.h. white

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  1. Ah Jana… so good to see your lines and voice. Recently I’ve been pondering the notion that god, prayer and journey are the same thing. Fluid and like the maze – alive and always shifting. Headlamps and pencils are among of my favourite things.

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    • Thanks Ted…makes me happy you noticed. Mentioning Philip K Dick seemed a natural. We probably are in need of a much broader definition of the surreal, don’t you think? Like PK Dick’s writing, the surreal covers a lot of interesting territory.

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      • Well from my experience, it seems that PK just had a blurring of states: dreams, wake, delusion, vision, agreed reality between individuals.. Surreal probably was not the right description for it. I am not sure that in English there is a word. Maybe in mandarin Chinese? More of term for art, tho I just think Dali’s melted cheese clocks were inferior to his later work. Dali was so skilled, he could paint the images from his mind. And ted rambles on and on and on.. πŸ™‚

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        • “Blurring of states”…LOL. Well, I’m not prone to following anyone but a little blurrring of states can often lead to healthy questioning. I read him in my 20’s..the perfect time for some healthy blurring.


    • This is a really evocative video. I googled Neil Kinnock but I admit, Geo, I resisted reading about all the politics. The video stands on its own. Once again my dear you are as much on the wall as off of it. Art for art’s sake? Yes, let’s take it as that and I thank you heartily for it. Stumble butt… Your turn.


    • Thank you is wonderful to be present with and inspired by everyone’s creative meanderings and considerations once again. Such fertile fields! And I appreciate your sentiments. Yes…I have made it through the initial and middle stages of a large project. All that gestation and being woken up in the middle of the night (LOL) ….Completion doesn’t seem as big a deal anymore…perhaps it’ll have more of a life of its own now.

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      • Sounds like whatever ‘it’ is it’s big and you’ve tamed it and it’s going in the right direction. Interesting thoughts on the idea of completion and the idea of it having a life of its own.


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