Rooted in the Greek word for “riddle”

I steady myself

in the middle of the stream

So much rain

I wish I’d worn back straps on my flip flops

standing in the strong current


 I’ll not wander in the side eddies

where the slickest algae

coats the surface of the stones

still idling there

passing time as if singular

feigning reflection

 an intoxicated accumulation

of over fertilized organic matter

 girdling themselves

as if they could hold on to the ground


My days have been emptying

full of the feeling that I’m living

in two separate realities

  More than a waiting game

too much hard evidence

A pack that needs to be cleaned out

and made into a traveling case of essentials

fit for lifting off and moving

in even faster flowing water.



photo credit: Russell Tomlin Flickr


27 responses

  1. Wonderful, wonderful poem! And what a great title for a book of poetry (from line eight above) — “Wandering in the Eddies!” I truly love your poetry and look forward to luxuriating in more of it as summer slowly turns to fall, ** 🙂 **

    Warmest Respect & Admiration,



    • Why thank you R… your response is as warm as my radiator that has been coming on the past few nights. The squirrels are frantic digging in black walnut pods and the tomatoes that never saw the sun this summer blacken on their spindly vines. I can’t remember a summer without tomatoes…but the trees are lush


  2. This is beautiful! That last stanza especially speaks to me, the thought of living in two realities, of needing to slough off the unessential, “moving into ever faster flowing water.” Perfect.


    • Thank you Deborah…I too feel a quickening. All chaos and wonder. I’m refusing to name it, define it … other than to follow in its current. I’m very much enjoying your posts lately!


    • Thank you Chloe….yes, always water and movement! A most consistent teacher. The rivers are full here and the creeks are like rivers…beautiful in burnt sienna and turquoise.


  3. Beautiful. I absolutely love the line about wishing you had worn the back straps on your flip flops. It is so real, so tangible…so universal no matter what we wear on our feet. Thank you, be well~


    • Thank you! Flip flops are more than a metaphor of summer. They keep me balancing in every terrain…certainly pausing now and again to meditate on the transition between planes of substance… and existence. Very spiritual footwear!


  4. dear Jana, your language here moves with a fluid energy, a deep emotional velocity … you cherish small things on the quest for meaning — flip flops, algae — and this is one aspect i love most about your lyric meditations. xo tony


  5. This is just wonderful. Your poem flows like water, from one perfect expression to the next with such ease, that I cannot pick my favourite line, or verse. Your journey quickens, you are already treading the even faster flowing water, flip-flops with back-straps or no.


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